Entertain, Educate, Communicate

I love finding fun ways to help m y child enjoy learning.  Nothing is more boring then sitting down to worksheets…ask any kid.  Put them in front of something fun or turn it into a game and they will want to learn all day long!

Bluebee Pals are interactive Bluetooth buddies with built in speakers and microphone.  They “will play your child’s favorite songs, games, and story time books by streaming applications that stimulate your child’s imagination and provide companionship, as they are huggable and plush.”  These cuddly pals were created with the concept “Entertain, Educate, and Communicate” in mind.

Bluebee Pals connect with smartphones, tablets, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.  It can even be used as a portable speaker.  It doesn’t matter if your product is Apple or Android, it will connect.  Turn on your favorite music and watch your friend sing along.  Download the iStoryTime app and listen to your buddy read a book from your child’s favorite films, TV shows, and classic stories.  Your child can even learn spelling and vocabulary by using the Spelling City app.  There are so many ways to use Bluebee Pals!!

Beckham received Sammy the Bear and was thrilled to open the box.  He could hardly wait to get it out of the box and give it a big tight squeeze.  He loves loves loves stuffed animals (he currently has 5 in his bed right now) so he was elated to have another buddy.  I couldn’t wait either because I knew he was going to be stunned at what it did.  He gave it a big hug while I read the instructions.  That is when I learned that we had to wait for Sammy to charge.  Do you even know how hard that is for a two year old?!

We plugged it in using the USB plug and waited for the light to change from red to blue.  Beckham checked in about every 5 minutes. “No blue.”  But when it turned blue he couldn’t stand it anymore.   I dropped everything I was doing and showed him what it does.  After quickly syncing Sammy to my phone I turned on Beckham’s favorite song.  Sammy started singing “Shake It Off” and Beckham’s mouth dropped open!  He was hooked.

He wanted to try every song he likes and every YouTube video he watches.  Then his Aunt called.  Magic all over again.  We pressed the button in Sammy’s ear to answer the phone and Beckham was head over heels to hear his aunt’s voice coming out of Sammy’s mouth.  He picked Sammy up and was yelling “Hello!” into his mouth.  It was such a great memory to watch unfold.

Since that first encounter with Sammy we have downloaded apps where he can learn more.  He loves using Sammy…we just have to remember to turn him off after play time is over.  Yes, the batteries do last 5 hours but whether he is interacting with your child or not the battery is being used.

The only con about this product is that although Beckham loves Sammy and using him, he pays more attention to the phone while playing an app than he does to Sammy.  For Beckham he pays the most attention to Sammy if he uses him for a phone call, music, or listening to a story.  At night I like turning Sammy on, starting a story and then leaving Sammy in the room with him while I take my phone outside his room.  If I left my phone there he would start to play on it but taking it allows him to hear  story and pay more attention to Sammy.

Bluebee Pals are also available in Leo the Lion, Lily the Lovable Lamb, Riley the Zebra, and Winston the Puppy.  They retail for $64.99 but are currently on sale just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Wouldn’t this be a great idea for any child from toodler-tween!?  They would love this!  Give your child a fun interactive buddy that they will want to take everywhere with them.

Bluebee Pals are Real Moms approved!

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