Thicker, Longer Lashes


This review contains a MAKEUP MUST HAVE!  This is a must read review!!!  You can thank me later :) If you could take one bag of things with you ... [ Read More ]

Laundry Made Easier


Now that I have two little guys I feel like my laundry is never ending.  I bet if you asked any of my friends or family member they could tell you a ... [ Read More ]

Like the Cool Kids


To find accessories as unique and creative as your kids you've got to check out Peppercorn Kids! Peppercorn Kids sent Miss S. a few of their adorable ... [ Read More ]

Benefits of the Coconut


Before you say Good-bye to Summer......Say Hello to the healthy benefits of Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil and learn how to create an after sun balm to ... [ Read More ]

Indulge Mindfully

image004 (1)

Snack time. My kiddos LOVE snacks...and so do I! Feeding my kids healthy nutritious food is super important to me, and that means I try my best to ... [ Read More ]

Still In Love


A year ago I told you about a wonderful water bottle, FIT Top Bottle.  Over the last year this bottle has become my go-to water bottle.  I love ... [ Read More ]

Crafty Kiddos


To me, helping a child develop their creativity is just as important as teaching them how to read.  Without creative people we wouldn't have ... [ Read More ]

Cafeteria Style


School days are here once again.  Are your children's backpacks already stocked with supplies awaiting the first day of school?  Or are you a fly by ... [ Read More ]

Posh Play Mat and Bib

Aug 12 2014 051

I love to take my kids to the park and have a picnic on a blanket! Before lunch is even served to all of my kids, one of them has already spilled a ... [ Read More ]