Father’s Day Gift Idea!


It's almost June, can you believe it? That means Father's Day is right around the corner. Every year I try to come up with a great gift idea for the ... [ Read More ]

Tub Time With TOMY

3 toys

My boys love playing in the tub!  In the cold weather it is like a little hot tub or indoor pool.  When we find toys that can be used in the tub or ... [ Read More ]



My 5 year old boy is quite the fan of cars; he can usually be found driving them around the floor in the house or driving around his own battery ... [ Read More ]

Sun Bum

photo 1

The summer is coming and we are all incredibly excited! After my first year back teaching after staying home with the kids for 7 years I am ready for ... [ Read More ]

Chalking it up!


Ever wonder how Starbucks or the local trendy taco spot keep their chalk menu boards looking so neat?  I remember the classroom chalk boards my ... [ Read More ]

Comforts of Home

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Personalizing your home is important in achieving comfort.  Notice how you love to cuddle in a certain blanket, or look at a special piece of art. ... [ Read More ]

Beautiful Nutrition


Happy Mother's Day!  It's our special day to relax and reflect on how great it is to be a momma (....and how tough, too :)).  What better way to ... [ Read More ]

UpWeeGo Kickstarter


One of my favorite things is finding products that fix a problem.  You know, the kind you see and say "Why didn't I think of that?"  Here is another ... [ Read More ]

Nature’s Best Yoga Mat


I am on a fitness journey. It may not be perfect; two steps forward, one step back, but it's real and I'm a work in progress. I recently went through ... [ Read More ]

VO5 Reaches for A Star!


Famous for creating a hair conditioning oil treatment to keep the starlet's of Hollywood looking chic back in the 1950's, Alberto VO5 is still alive ... [ Read More ]

Ah Shucks!


As a midwest girl I have seen several green and yellow tractors in my days.  These John Deere beauties are a staple on farms.  They represent ... [ Read More ]

In Bloom


Recently, I worked with Silk Plants Direct to add a pop of color and charm to my black front door.  Black is a nice backdrop for bright colors, so I ... [ Read More ]