VO5 Reaches for A Star!


Famous for creating a hair conditioning oil treatment to keep the starlet's of Hollywood looking chic back in the 1950's, Alberto VO5 is still alive ... [ Read More ]

Ah Shucks!


As a midwest girl I have seen several green and yellow tractors in my days.  These John Deere beauties are a staple on farms.  They represent ... [ Read More ]

In Bloom


Recently, I worked with Silk Plants Direct to add a pop of color and charm to my black front door.  Black is a nice backdrop for bright colors, so I ... [ Read More ]

Limeapple Girls Activewear


My girl is full of energy! At 7 years old she is just a constant ball of motion and giggles. She loves to be active; gymnastics, riding bikes, jumping ... [ Read More ]

Yookidoo Contest


I love finding new toys for my little men that help them learn and discover.  I love watching their brains at work!!  Yookidoo has toys that are ... [ Read More ]

Sonnet James {Play More}


I first introduced y'all to Sonnet James last year when I fell in love with their stylish and playful dresses; perfect for a playful mama. Recently, ... [ Read More ]

Hot Swimwear


Things are starting to heat up here in Texas and all I can think about is SUMMER!! Yes, I'm a teacher and I am already counting down the weeks until ... [ Read More ]

Fashion Meets Necessity


I am about 2 weeks away from welcoming my new little peanut to the world! Where did the time go?! One thing that I always end up needing are burps, ... [ Read More ]

OrangeGlad For Mom


A few months back I reviewed OrangeGlad....for that complete review go here.  Well Mother's Day is May 10th and now is the time to start thinking ... [ Read More ]

Try Before You Buy


We have all done it.  We have all hit up sample days at the store because we all love to try before we buy.  I have seen people with their whole ... [ Read More ]

Oh So Soft!


After a long day of work and hauling children to their activities, I am usually in need of some relaxation.  We all have our routines to get cozy and ... [ Read More ]