Little Grippers

March 3 2015 021

My baby has lost so many socks because she simply pulls them off and throws them. The more I tell her to leave them on the bigger the game becomes! ... [ Read More ]

Just Dough It


I LOVE me some any form.  Chocolate. Cupcakes. Cookies. Like Buddy says on Elf, "If it has sugar in it, then yes!"  I think sugar is my ... [ Read More ]

Bye Bye Binkie


When my sister was little she was addicted to her pacifier.  As a way to help my sister break her binkie habit my parents threw it out the window ... [ Read More ]

The Queen’s Treasures

photo 3

On Ava's 6th Birthday we had the most amazing girls-day-out with both of her grandmother's. We took an unforgettable trip to one of the largest doll ... [ Read More ]

Fun. Funky. FRESH!


I have said this before and I will say it again and again.  I LOVE DRESSING MY BOYS UP!  I love putting them in clothes that look like little men.  I ... [ Read More ]

Happy & Hungry

booster seat

Eric Carle's timeless stories and vibrant artwork have touched generations.  From Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? to The Mixed Up Chameleon ... [ Read More ]

All Mapped Out


Is there a special place in the world that has great meaning to you?  France? Disneyland? Hawaii? Montana?  Your home city?  How do you remember it?  ... [ Read More ]

Keep Calm And Swaddle On


Mothers need their I right or am I right!?  More importantly babies need their sleep so they can grow and develop and be happy.  There are ... [ Read More ]

Gynoii Giveaway!


About a week and a half ago I introduced you to a Smart Video Baby Monitor from Gynoii.  I told you all about the awesome features it has which ... [ Read More ]

On-the-Go Snooze


Do your kids ever nap in the car?  When my two daughters were small, they would often fall asleep on the way home from shopping or playing at the ... [ Read More ]



Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop! I love finding unique shops offering items you just won't find in your local chain stores. I am constantly ... [ Read More ]

Bathing Baby Better


Bathing baby can be a fun time, a sad time, or even a relaxing time.  Some babies love bath time and some scream the entire time.  As a parent I want ... [ Read More ]