Y'all know my story by now; I was never really taught how to apply make up so through my 20's and now even into my 30's I am still figuring things ... [ Read More ]

Eat Cake!!

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Who doesn't love a party where cake and ice cream are served?!?  Sure, cupcakes are pleasant; functionally sized for individual servings, but I think ... [ Read More ]

Sleep In Heavenly Peace


Christmas in July has been a real thing for me this year.  First, my son Blake was born on the 5th.  That is a pretty great present if you ask me.  ... [ Read More ]

City Cosmetics


Skin care is incredibly important. My mom may not have had a lot of knowledge regarding make up application {believe me, I was on my own to figure ... [ Read More ]

Humor Me!


Over the next few weeks my family will be in "back-to-school" shopping mode.  We like to purchase our supplies early while there are still plenty of ... [ Read More ]



Still going y'all; I just can't stop! Won't stop! I have upped my game and am completing my 90 day challenge {currently on day 77} and started a 60 ... [ Read More ]

Ahoy Matey!


Being a mom of two has been a fun little change for me.  I am loving having two little boys in the house.  Sure it is A LOT of work, but I wouldn't ... [ Read More ]

Glass Sippy Cup?!

July 18 009

I use a lot of sippy cups every day. Sometimes I put juice in my plastic sippy cups and they start to discolor and smell. It does not matter how many ... [ Read More ]

Live Happy Magazine


I have been talking a lot about positivity and happiness this week in my posts; which I love! Every day I wake up and try to spend the days being ... [ Read More ]



I have been working so hard to get in shape. Exercising, eating right; they go hand in hand and together they are certainly helping me reach specific ... [ Read More ]

Happy Office


Looking for a way to jazz up your home or work office? Until this year I've owned a small event floral business.  I decided to leave it behind for ... [ Read More ]



My love of jewelry just keeps on growing. I love mixing and matching pieces to really take my outfits to that next level and polish them off. Jewelry ... [ Read More ]

Stopping By The Locker


My oldest daughter Miss M. is in her last year of middle school already!  It seems like yesterday she was a funny little girl learning to maneuver ... [ Read More ]