Don’t Sweat It!


Ever since having my first son my hormones haven't been quite the same.  Honestly, what mom's hormones go back to normal?  Well time for real talk and ... [ Read More ]

Save on Books!


Can you believe it is almost spring?  Before we know it school will be out and there will be a new batch of high school graduates.  For these kids ... [ Read More ]

Lakeshore Learning

photo 3

I am always on the hunt for educational products for my children that are also fun and engaging; that way they don't realize they are learning while ... [ Read More ]

Facial Gymnastics


Do you know there are 50 muscles that make up the structure of the human face?  I had no idea.  It makes sense then, that if the face is full of ... [ Read More ]

for the ones you love…


Nothing makes me happier than making my children feel special. Whether it's a on an extra-special day, like a birthday, or even just a normal day; I ... [ Read More ]

Springtime is Snuggle Time

happy baby

Easter is coming up and will be here before you know it.  Chocolate bunnies, candy filled eggs, and marshmallow chicks are all must haves....but what ... [ Read More ]

Little Grippers

March 3 2015 021

My baby has lost so many socks because she simply pulls them off and throws them. The more I tell her to leave them on the bigger the game becomes! ... [ Read More ]

Just Dough It


I LOVE me some any form.  Chocolate. Cupcakes. Cookies. Like Buddy says on Elf, "If it has sugar in it, then yes!"  I think sugar is my ... [ Read More ]