The Happy Body


I am just on a mission to be my best self. I have been keeping up with my exercise routine and have been really trying to focus on my diet to trim and ... [ Read More ]

Dona Jo Fitwear


I am loving all this new active wear I am discovering online...who knew there was such an wide variety of amazing gear available; I mean, it's like a ... [ Read More ]

Diapering Dads


I love that my husband is willing to help our with our son as much as he does.  Beckham will go hang out with Dad at work so I can hit the gym, go to ... [ Read More ]


potty training prize pull ups

We did it! My 3 year old is officially potty trained. Happy dance!!! I mean SUPER HAPPY DANCE going on here. When we first started this journey, I ... [ Read More ]

Skin Care Essential!


Skin care is a huge part of my daily routine. It is just so important to me to take good care of my skin and keep it healthy. As I'm getting a bit ... [ Read More ]

Kid’s Got Style

Beckham in Firebrand bibdana

I love when my little boy looks like a little dude.  Beckham is 22 months old now and that little personality comes out more and more every day.  When ... [ Read More ]