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Ever since we found out we were pregnant with Blake it has been a mind battle to figure out if the boys would share rooms or if Beckham would go to the basement.  We only have 2 rooms (master and nursery) on the main floor and the rest are in the basement.  I have always felt like 2 years is too young to go downstairs by themselves but at the same time I didn’t think the boys should have to share when we have 3 open rooms downstairs.  I have gone back and forth and  even surveyed other moms to try to figure out what to do.  This week….we figured it out…


Delta Children designs children’s furniture for families who want stylish designs while maintaining quality, safety, and affordability. Delta Children is trusted my MILLIONS of families world wide.  They are a leader in cribs and children’s furniture.  1 out of every 4 children in the USA sleep in a Delta product!!

delta childrens products

Delta Children has so really exceptional products.  One of those is the Canton 4-in-1 Crib.  This crib is beautiful and the perfect addition to any nursery.  It is so classy!  It easily transforms from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed to a full size bed.  4 beds in 1 product!!

canton crib 1
We are thrilled and feeling so blessed to have the chance to review such a great piece of furniture.  This bed is a piece of furniture that is going to last for years!  This will end up being our child’s toddler bed and perhaps the bed he uses throughout high school and for his first child!

putting the crib together First my husband opened the box.  (Notice Beckham taking pictures?  That is the sign he is a bloggers son :) )  Then my husband laid out all of the pieces…boards, screws, everything!  He read the instructions and followed everything step by step.  In no time at all he has the crib all put together.  I asked if he thought it was easy and he said “Extremely!”  We chose to put the mattress at the lowest of the three levels because we anticipate that Blake will be sitting soon and we just wanted to save effort down the road.  The only thing we both wish was a little different was that there were plugs or stickers to go over the screws so they weren’t as noticeable.  Definitely not a deal breaker, just a little wish.

Initially we planned on putting Blake in this crib and letting Beckham stay in the same bed he had been sleeping in for the last two years but then we saw that this bed came with a toddler rail.  We don’t have one for his bed…interested because it was more expensive than the Delta Children Canton crib.  Seems like it should have been included but it isn’t.  In fact it is sold for $100 more!  We decided to transform the crib into a toddler bed.  The instructions came back out (just to be sure!) and in just a few minutes we had it converted. 

canton toddler bed
I put the bed skirt on and explained to Beckham that this was going to be his NEW BIG BOY BED!  I told him that baby brother was going to be sleeping in the crib now and he gets to sleep in this brand new big boy bed.  He was so thrilled he wouldn’t sit still for a picture.

He was thrilled to have a big boy bed.  I liked knowing that the rail was going to help keep him in the bed and LOVE that it is made of wood.  It looks like it is a part of the bed rather than just a plastic mesh guard eye sore.  I also liked that we didn’t have to buy a new mattress just because my little guy was growing up.

thumbs up

Remember how I mentioned that when it is in crib form you can see the screws?  Well when it is in toddler bed for you don’t have screws in.  This leaves holes.  Like I said before this isn’t a make or break issue but it sure would be nice to have a plug or sticker to go over these holes.  That way curious fingers don’t get stuck in there and to give it a finished look.

Holes or no holes, Beckham couldn’t thank his daddy enough for putting his new big boy bed together. 

thanks dad!
The Canton Crib is built of solid hardwoods with a non-drop side and is available in black, espresso cherry (what we received), and dark cherry.  The crib mattress and the crib conversion rails are sold separately.  These are the rails that convert it to a full size bed, not a toddler bed.  The guard rail IS included.  It fits a standard size crib mattress.    It pairs with the Delta Children Canton dresser.  I love that this bed is not only able to be used for years and years but it worked great with our current furniture.

crib and toddler bed
Beckham’s first night in the Canton bed as dreamy!  Not once did he get out of bed.  He didn’t fall out either.  AND he slept until 11:15!!  Why didn’t we get this for him earlier!? 


Delta Children carries more than just cribs!  They carry rockers, dresser, toy chests, character furniture, and so much more! They even carry baby monitors!!  You are sure to find something special for your little one this holiday season!

Today Delta Children is giving away the Safe-N-Clear Baby Monitor!

monitor 2

Delta Children is Real Mom and family approved!!


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    I would love the Solutions table and chair set… I need a place to do craft time with my little one.

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