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Calling all Utah Runners!!

Less than a month.  Less than a month until my girls, April and Hailee, and I will join my mom in her first 5K ever.  It won’t be my first, April’s first, or Hailee’s first.  They have run a few over the last 18 months.  In fact, the last race we ran , The Mustache Dache, Hailee took 3rd in her age group.  She was so proud of herself because she ran the entire time.  It was cold, snowy and wet.  It wasn’t an easy race, which made us that much more proud of her.  Back to the NEXT race….  drum roll please….

The Wonder Woman Rides!

You heard me right, Wonder Woman!!!  As soon I hear the name of it, I was hooked.   I have told you before that almost as soon as I get registered for a race, I have to come up with the perfect outfit.  This one has so many opportunities! 🙂  Before we get to our outfit choices, let me give you some details.   

Every Woman is a Wonder Woman!  In my case, my little girls.  Hailee is athletic and energetic.  She has the need to win.  April is so smart.  She loves to learn and go to school.  I am always doing my best to build them up in a world that tears them down.  In my onion, every woman needs to be built up.  We are torn down over and over though out the day.  Everyone deserves to feel their best.  I feel my best when I run, when I can clear my head and destress.  This race is perfect for that!

Saturday April 12th in

Saratoga Springs, UT at 9:00 am

The Wonder Woman is a ladies only 5K or a 1/2 Marathon.  We are opting for the 5K.  The course is a a lovely paved trail at Inlet Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah.  I can hardly wait!!  I can’t wait to spend the morning with “my girls.” I can’t wait to feel the cool spring morning air on my face as I run.  I can’t wait to wear my Wonder Woman arm sleeves and my Wonder Woman headband and wrist bands (review to come). I can’t wait to make a wear tutu’s with my girls and my mom (April’s idea).  I can’t wait to cross the finish line.   I feel like this is a race made in Heaven.  PLUS….you get a shirt and a medal!!  I promise there will be an instagram post race day!!

Crissa is in on it too:

I never really had a desire to run races until Erin asked me to join her a year and a half ago.  I took it as motivation to get in better shape after Beckham was born. I was about 4 1/2 months postpartum and my goal was to not die and just keep moving.  I finished the race and was happy.  My time wasn’t great but I didn’t die and hadn’t stopped running. Then after just a few more races I finished in less than 30 minutes and shortly after I ran a personal half marathon.  Now I am gearing up to run my first 5k pregnant! I will be at the end of my 25th week on race day. Although my goal isn’t to beat my personal record like it has been for the past few races, I am excited for this fun little challenge.  I can’t wait to say I did it PREGNANT!  I can’t wait for the natural high race day gives me.  It is going to be WONDERful!

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