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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted some pearls…real pearls. My hubby is  so thoughtful and will occasionally surprise me with a gift, but with his practical mind it is usually something I need but that I haven’t even said anything about! ;-) What a thoughtful guy! Still, I’ve always wanted some genuine pearls, but have made do with the inexpensive fashion type ones you can buy anywhere. My friends, my life has changed. I was oh so very generously given the chance to receive a genuine pearl necklace and matching earrings from The Pearl Girls, a small pearl Shoppe based in Athens, Georgia. This women based business hand selects each and every pearl from exotic locations around the world including Japan, China and Hong Kong. Each pearl is then hand strung and knotted on silk thread imported from Germany. On the website, it was really cool to see founder India Rows visiting locations all around the globe selecting the pearls.




I was sent a classic pink pearl necklace with matching pink pearl earrings. I chose pink because I love vintage-y looks and nothing says understated class quite like pink pearls. These freshwater cultured pink pearls are a soft  warm blush and are absolutely exquisite! We were taking family pictures the day my pearls arrived and I was beyond excited to get to wear them. Aren’t they gorgeous? I am still feeling a little overstuffed and chubby from having my sweet baby girl two months ago, but wearing those pearls really made me feel confident and beautiful! There is just something about wearing real pearls that makes you feel beautiful! And the really great thing about pearls is that you can dress them up or down! They add the perfect touch to a special outfit or take jeans and a t-shirt to the next level!




The Pearl Girls specialize in pearl jewelry and offer a wide selection of pearl necklaces, bracelets, earring in a variety of lengths, colors and pearl sizes as well as specialty designs.  They have something for everyone including Mom, girls and baby too!  Their baby bracelets are so precious!! What a perfect shower gift that would be! :-) Pearls make the perfect gift for graduation, baby births…for Mom and Baby, years of birthdays including sweet sixteen and quinceañeras, baptism, christenings, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, debutants and more! The list is endless! Just be sure to drop a hint to Hubby if he is like mine! These heirloom quality gems are sure to bring years of joy to anyone who is lucky enough to get to wear them!




I am over the moon in love with my pearls! Thank You Thank You Pearl Girls! The Pearl Girls genuine pearl jewelry is REAL Mom Recommended and  can be found at select retail shops (mainly in the South) or online!

Someone’s Gettin’ Lucky! The Pearl Girls are giving away a pair of pink pearl earrings to one lucky winner!




Audrey is a massage therapist, a mother of two, & loves running. Wanna know more about the Real Moms Team? click here.


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