sister vs sister

Over the last few years you have learned a lot about my family.  Some of the basics:  I have 4 kids, 3 girls 1 boy.  I have boy/girl twins.  We like to go and do…and never slow down.  Today you get a deeper look into my 2 oldest girls.  Hailee is 12 (next week) and April (one of my twins) just turned 10.  As much as I want to say these two are a like, they are as different as oil and water.

Hailee is “Sporty Spice” while April is “Posh Spice.”  

Hailee plays flag football and loves that she is the only girl on the team.  While she plays, she wears a zebra bandanna, “Love” sweat pants, and her sleeves tied up with ribbons.  She also plays softball and has become quite a good player.  She thrives on her dad and brother playing flag football with her in the back yard.   She is a natural when it comes to sports.

April is much more like her mother.  She likes playing softball, but enjoys the other girls on the team more than the actual game.  She is a fantastic reader and is very smart.  She enjoys school and always gets straight A’s.  Not only is she academically smart, she is artistic as well.  She loves to draw, paint and create.  Not only on paper, but in the fashion sense as well.  She is the queen of accessories.

I don’t want this to come off as negative to either one of my girls, because I love them both more than anything.  This is strictly to show you the difference between 2 of my girls.  They have been raised in the same house by the same parents but are turning out SO different.

When it comes to self esteem, these two are different as well.  Hailee doesn’t care what other people think.  She is more concerned with how she feels about how she looks, feels, and is preforming.  April on the other hand wants the approval of everyone around her.  Hailee just gets dressed in the morning, never asking how she looks.  April will change from outfit to outfit and then asks if she looks okay.  Both girls are very slim.  Hailee hasn’t ever said anything about her weight.  April will come up with weird exercises to help her “lose weight.”

I am not sure where all these difference come from or what causes them, but as a mom I want to do my best to nurture each of my girls in the way that they see is important.  Did you know that 6 in 10 girls stop doing what they love due to anxiety of their looks?  That’s a big number!  I want my girls to do what they want and not worry about anything!  Especially not their looks!

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