sight words the future of flashcards app review

Ava graduated Kindergarten this past school year and is getting ready to go back to school and start her First Grade year this Fall! I am so excited for her; especially because she has done so well learning to read! I was amazed last year how quickly she started sounding out words and reading books! I know a lot of this had to do with the sight word lists she would bring home from school for us to practice; Sight words are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorise as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognise these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode. We have used flash cards and reading lists to practice these sight words and now I am so excited to find a fun app that can keep her learning; the new Sight Words App created by Sprite Labs!

Sight Words is the first reading App to use voice recognition to help kids learn to read! Based off the Dolch Sight Words List, Sight Words is a perfect educational tool for young children to learn to read!

o Awarded “TOP PICK” by Fun Educational Apps

Your eager reader will follow along with Miko the Monkey through progressive levels of new words, getting feedback on pronunciation automatically thanks to industry-leading speech recognition technology from Nuance™. And not just any words: Compiled by leading educational experts, The Dolch Word List includes the most common 220 words and 95 nouns encountered in children’s books. Mastering Dolch words, or sight words, is critical during the early stages of reading development.

Six Levels of Difficulty are included:

o Preschool
o Kindergarten
o 1st Grade
o 2nd Grade
o 3rd Grade
o Nouns – a special category available for kids that want to get extra practice reading and saying just nouns!

As a Kindergarten teacher, I know the importance of learning sight words and how much it aides in developing a strong base for learning to read. The memorization of sight words gives early readers such confidence; something that really can lift then up when in the beginning stages of reading. When I was teaching we would spend a lot of time with flash cards, practicing recognizing sight words! I know my students would have loved the Sight Words interactive App! It is such a clever concept and with the voice recognition, multiple levels, and ability to track progress; I think it’s a home run!

Ava and Hollis have both been having fun with their new sight words App. They love Miko the monkey and when they complete a practicing a few words they get a surprise puzzle to work. Definitely gives them a nice break from the sight word practice and keeps them engaged. The voice recognition seems to work really well around the house but when the environment is noisy, like a restaurant, it understandably has a harder time picking up the words. The kids can choose between two different modes; Practice mode and teaching mode. Practice mode allows kids to read words presented to them on screen. Sight words simply listens and lets your child know if they pronounced each word correctly. When in Teaching Mode, words are first read aloud and then your child attempts to read the word back. Miko will let your child know if they read each word correctly! Sight Words has a variety of levels and allows you to choose the appropriate one for your child. This allows both my children to enjoy this practice at their own level, so cool!

Sight Words Features:

o Fresh audio visual ways for kids to learn and pronounce new words.
o 6 unique word difficulty levels to choose from + special “nouns only” category.
o Fluid animations and practical word repeat & voice recognition features.
o Flexible user options.
o In-depth Help section to show new users how Sight Words works.
o Puzzles to encourage them to read more and keep them engaged

Sight Words App is Real Mom Recommended!