Show Your Triumph!

Race morning is one of my most favorite times.  It is the day where you see how hard you have really worked at your goals.  You don’t get nearly enough sleep, but somehow have plenty of energy to get up early.  Your stomach is in knots, but you still have to eat something.  You put on the perfect running outfit–if it’s me, I have been more stressed about the outfit than the race itself.  You stress about getting to the race on time, worry about the weather (it always rains on race day for me), but all along you really want to do your best.  Anyone who has run races before knows that they aren’t cheap.  Sometimes it is hard to pick the “perfect” race.  I let 2 very important factors help me in my decisions.  The shirt and the MEDAL!  I know a medal isn’t realistic for every race, but they are sure fun to get!  Even if it is just a finisher’s medal, it means as much to me as my 1st place medal (don’t get too excited, it is in the old lady category and it was not a very big group).  Once you get your medal, you wear it proudly then what?  Where do you put it?  What do you do with it?  Mine hang on the mirror in my bedroom.  They hang there because I am proud of them and want to look at them.  I figure there aren’t many things you can start this late in life and earn a medal for.  My mirror isn’t my ideal display rack, that is why I couldn’t wait to get my new medal display from RunRack hung.   David from RunRack knows the importance of a medal.  They aren’t just to sticking in a drawer, they should be proudly displayed for all to see.  That is why he came up with the RunRack Medal Displays.

RunRack Collage

You can see the amazing quality of this medal display.  It is a canvas that is hand stretched and attached to a solid wood frame.  On the back there are 2 hangers to use to attach the display rack to the wall.  On the front there are 5 hooks to hang your medals on.  I loved that because it is canvas instead of wood, it makes it extremely light.  No need to worry about finding a stud to make sure it doesn’t pull out.  The color is fantastic and is coated to protect against UV damage and liquids.  The beauty of this canvas is perfect!  The colors are bright and it is put together very well.  I am extremely impressed!!

Race Collage

Now that my medals are hanging on the wall where I can see them, I get asked about them.  I am proud of the medals, but most of all I like recalling the fun time I had training for the race, running the race and completing the race.  That is the reason I chose the display that I did.  I love what it says, “The feat is not that I finished the race, but that I had the courage to start it.”  Every medal tells a story and reminds me of an accomplishment.  It would be the perfect gift for a runner’s birthday or just because they accomplished a big race!!


You get up before the Sun. You train hard. You put everything you have into outdoing yourself; time and time again… 
Show your triumph!

RunRack’s owner (David) designs, creates and produces unique, handmade, Medal Displays of the highest quality, to ensure that every medal earned has it’s showcase in your home.
No longer will hard earned medals hang on the back of a door or bed post. 
No longer will they stay hidden in a drawer. 
Hang them where they belong. 
Where they can be admired. 
Hang them on a RunRack!

David has come up with some great designs, all on canvas.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Have medals of your own that you want to put on display?

You can WIN a RunRack Medal Display!!




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    Meagan BS says

    i don’t currently have any running medals lol but my daughter has a few medals, i bet she could use this.