Holiday Gift Must Have For The Kitchen! {Holiday Gifts 2014}

RMRV Holiday Gifts 2014

These new gift sets from Charles Viancin are the perfect kitchen must have!

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I want to deliver some fabulous gifts this year without spending a lot of money. Each year when I go Christmas shopping I have my sights set on gift sets. I believe that they offer more product for my money. This year I have a couple cooks on my list and I have found the perfect gift! Ready for it… Hibiscus Lids Gift Set from Charles Viancin.

I love functionality in the kitchen. I was really surprised how versital these lids are. They will cover pretty much cover any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot. Even glass, ceramic, and wood.

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These Hibiscus Lids create an airtight seal that prevents spills. They are safe at high temperatures so you can attach to a frying pan to prevent splatter.

I started using these lids instead of aluminum foils or plastic wrap. I know these will get a lot of use during all of our holiday dinners.

The XSmall lid is perfect for drinks. It will keep hot liquids hotter longer and cooler liquids cooler for a longer period of time. Genius!!

The Charles Viancin Hibiscus Lids come in four different sizes:

Large – 11″
Medium – 9″
Small – 6″
XSmall – 4″

Seriously… Go snag some today! The Charles Viancin Hibiscus Lids come Real Mom recommended!!



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