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As parents it is our responsibility to keep our children safe, teach them great eating habits, and help them learn manners…among many things.  One thing that is our responsibility is to help our child learn and enjoy learning.  In my home we are working on a few things: language and kindness.  Beckham is at that age that he should have a great vocabulary and every day his vocabulary should be growing.  He is also at that stage where ingraining ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in his manners is super important.

Recently I have been working with Beckham on being kind, helpful, and obedience.  He fell into a habit of saying “shush” to mom and dad.  (Not flying at my house.)  He is also big into making a mess and not helping clean up.  I could go on and on and I know some people will say, “It is just what a two year old does” but I don’t want those behaviors to continue.  We implemented a marble jar.  When he was good he got a marble and when he wasn’t we took a marble.  At the end of the day he exchanges the marbles for pennies.  He loves putting money in his piggy bank and I love having a good kid.

One thing that was really important to me when picking a way to teach my child was that it was encouraging and fun.  I want learning to be a fun experience for my child.  I want him to want to be good instead of being forced to be good.  He has so much fun putting marbles in, counting them at the end of the night, earning them, and cashing them in.

Beckham’s language is pretty far behind.  I have worried about it for a while now and had him tested twice to see if he qualifies for local non-profit help.  He has to be in the 15th percentile to qualify and last time he was tested he was in the 16th….just missed it!  They suggested he see a speech therapist but a co-pay of $40 per visit isn’t in my budget.  I had to figure out another way to help him learn his words in a fun and encouraging way.

Little Miss: a father, his daughter, and rocket science couldn’t have come at a better time!  Nate Meikle, the author, is a father of two who lives with his wife in Salt Lake City, Utah.  When his daughter, Kyla, was two he started showing her flash cards with pictures.  She loved it!  After just a few months she was “reading” about 100 words.  She was so excited to be reading so they introduced phonics to her.  In no time at all she truly was reading!!  Nate believes that Kyla really is just average but given the time and attention reading was a fun thing and she excelled.  Small advantages early in life often lead to big advantages later in life.  They have gone from reading 300 books a year to 3000 books a year.  Kyla is now 4 and reads at higher than a 2nd grade level!!

In this book, Little Miss: a father, his daughter, and rocket science, Nate shares his story, hundreds of their favorite books, and the research that inspired him.  Stephen M. R. Coveycalls it a “book that could change your life—and the lives of your children and grandchildren.”  Nate’s book will inspire you to read more to your children…especially fathers.  Help give them the gift of reading, bringing words to life, and gift of enjoying learning.

I always have had books for Beckham.  I used to read to him before he could even hold a book.  His favorite toys when he was smaller were his books.  He would take them all out of the box and then put them back in the box, over and over again….for hours!  As he got bigger he began looking at the books on his own.  He would sit all by himself and go through tons and tons of books.  When we would go to church we never brought toys to keep him quiet, we brought books.  I took him to the library for story time and we checked out tons of books.

Then at the peak of all of this summer came and Blake was born.  We stopped going to the library as much because a newborn and an overly excited 2 year old isn’t conducive to the quietness of a library.  Slowly we stopped all together….everything…no library, no books.  Not for any particular reason other than I had a new baby and it was easy to toss in a movie instead.  This is when I really began to see Beckham’s speech fall even more behind.  He was no longer saying words he once did.  He sounded like he was speaking alien.

After reading Little Miss: a father, his daughter, and rocket science I was inspired to start reading to Beckham again.  At night we read several books before bedtime.  He loves it.  Sometimes he tried to sneak more on to the pile, as if I won’t notice.  At first we were reading 3 or 4 books at night now his piles is 8 or 9.  He doesn’t want to stop.  I have begun reading to him during the day too.  We turn off the tv, I close the computer, and we read.  He loves it and I love the bonding time.  He especially loves when Daddy reads to him!

Ever since beginning to read to him again his language skills have really taken off.  I have had several people tell me that they are really beginning to understand him instead of looking to me to let them know what he said.  He is beginning to put sentences together and will try to say new words, where he didn’t in the past.  Although Beckham isn’t reading I know that reading to him has really helped–helped his language, helped his love for learning, helped his imagination, helped our relationship, and helped him calm down a bit.

I can’t wait to put all of Nate’s tips and tricks to work and start reading his and Kyla’s favorite books.  I know that not only will it continue to help Beckham’s speech, but he too can start reading at an early age.  Plus, lots of bonding time that I will never pass up on!  Purchase the paperback for $10.95 or download the digital copy for $4.99.  The digital copy is fun because you can watch videos that correlate with what you are reading!

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Little Miss: a father, his daughter, and rocket science is Real Moms recommended!