Feeling Stuffed??

My husband and I ran to the store today to buy candy for a trunk-or-treat event at our church next weekend and had to blink twice as we noticed the fall merchandise being clearanced and Christmas items being put out!  Thanks to retail we are now AWARE that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts.  Since we’re all thinking holiday time now…….I’ve got a neat stocking stuffer or hostess gift idea for your friend or loved one who enjoys entertaining and gourmet cooking, from my favorite kitchen gadget source Harold Import Company.

Each and every day at Harold Import Company, we aim to bring you the best gourmet kitchen supplies,  at the most affordable prices.  This has been our mission since day one back in 1957, and it’s at the very heart of our family-run business. Today, we carry over 3,500 culinary supply products, available in over 10,000 retail outlets worldwide, and online, so our products are always only a short drive or a click away. ~ HIC

HIC Olive Stuffer is an unexpected kitchen gadget that can help you prepare a chic hors d’oeuvre in a snap.  Ever thought of stuffing olives?  My family loves eating olives, but I’ve never had anything but pimentos or garlic stuffed inside.  I’ve learned that olives can be stuffed with soft cheeses, herbs, jalapeño, tapenade, and much more.  You’re only limited by imagination.

Stuffing olives can be tricky unless you have the right tool.  With its durable stainless steel, spring action design, the HIC Olive Stuffer allows tasty fillings to be added to olives , or other hollow foods.  Simply place item to be stuffed onto the notched end of the stuffer, then insert it into hollow and push stem, ejecting filling into the cavity of olive.

For a quick game time snack I filled large green Spanish olives with cream cheese and drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette.  See my pic…..looks sophisticated but is super simple to make.  My whole family thought they were delish!

My tips:  make sure olive or hollowed food is dry before inserting your filling.  My cream cheese wanted to come back out as I lifted the olive stuffer unless I held my finger there because the moisture made it slick.  Also, take care not to push the notched end in too far because once the stem is pressed it could shoot a little filling through the opposite end.  As with everything, practice makes perfect!

I envision stuffed olives appearing at upcoming family holiday get togethers.  They’re easy enough for my daughters to make, so it will be a fun way they can help me in preparation.

Harold Import Company is REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!

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