Fashion Bracelets {Holiday Gifts 2014}

RMRV Holiday Gifts 2014

trendi Ava is so crafty. She has fallen head over heels for creating; everything from jewelry to paintings. She loves to make things and I love that she has so much fun creating as it keeps her busy and having fun on the weekends and I’m trying to get chores done around the house and get ready for the week ahead. When I saw TRENDiY Art, I knew their line of creative projects would be a perfect fit for Ava this Christmas.

Create 8 beautiful bracelets in no time! These bracelets are easy to make and even more fun to wear. Everything you need to create these amazing bracelets can be found inside this kit. It includes 12 bundles of colored thread and 8 diamond strings. Bonus! All TRENDiY Art™ trendybraceletkits come with a TRENDiY Art™ fashion magazine containing illustrated instructions and design inspiration. TRENDiY Art

Ava is going to love her TRENDiY Art Chain Bracelet kit! The kit comes complete with plenty of product to create 6 different chain/thread bracelets! The packaging is awesome and as well as the needed items, the kit also includes instructions to help your little fashionista create her new bracelets. This kit is going to be a hit and I’m sure Ava will get started right away designing and creating her bracelets. I have even looked on YouTube and there are several videos to help if you are a more visual learner {which I happened to be}. You won’t go wrong gifting a TRENDiY Art bracelet kit this holiday season. You will be giving a gift that any little girl would love and hours of entertainment while she brings her bracelet designs to life! I know winter break can get a bit long with two weeks off school. I want my kiddos doing more than just watching tv and playing video games. The TRENDiY Art Chain Bracelet Kit will most definitely help with that and I have no doubt that Hollis will want to get in on the bracelet-makig action as well!

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