Crayola Happiness {Crayola #Review and #Giveaway}

When I first became a mom, I had a hard time when my little one would want to go out and play with chalk.  That meant that she was going to come in the house covered in the bright powder and then there would be a bath involved, crying, tangled hair….and I didn’t love handling all that business for a few stick figures.  Then one day while at Walmart, Hailee (age 2) talked me into getting her a huge box of sidewalk chalk…she has huge blue eyes, I couldn’t resist!  Being that she was only 2, she couldn’t go out and draw all by herself.  So once the twins were down for a nap, The two of us took a chalk drawing adventure.  She would lay down  and I would trace her…pigtails and all.  She would do her version of a stick figure- a circle with stick arms and legs and belly button of course.  We colored and drew pictures the entire time the twins were napping.  When all we had left was broken sticks and nubs of pink sticks (because that was her favorite color and that was all she would use) I took her chalky hand in mine and we left our art work for all to see.  That was almost 10 years ago, Hailee in almost 12 now and we still love to color with chalk together.

We were recently given the opportunity to try out some of Crayola’s fantastic products, including sidewalk chalk.  Crayola sent us a 24 piece Sidewalk Chalk, A Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go, and a Glitter Color Wonder book.  Crayola is one of those old school businesses that we all grew up loving.  With all of their bright colors, it just makes the world a fun place to be!  P.S. I love the smell of a brand new box of crayons…weird, I know!

Washable Sidewalk Chalk:

  • A standout from the crowd — it’s the first sidewalk chalk featuring 48 classic Crayola crayon colors!  And that’s not all – the chalk is also bolder and more vibrant than ever.
  • With so many colors to choose from, kids can let their imaginations run wild to create beautiful masterpieces that may include “carnation pink” flowers, “sepia” colored tree trunks, “granny smith apple” turtles or “scarlet” colored lady bugs.
  • A new anti-roll shape prevents chalk from rolling away and the wide sides allow kids to draw thick lines.
  • Parents will appreciate that the chalk is washable from sidewalks and driveways – simply spray away with water!

Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go:

•        Mess-free fun hits the road with Crayola Wonder Mini Stow and Go!

•        The Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go gives you a portable writing surface and storage for your creations and markers.

•        Markers color only on special paper and not on skin, furniture or carpets!

•        Each pack includes a 15-page mini Color Wonder Coloring Pad and 3 Color Wonder Markers

Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers:

  • Crayola’s new Color Wonder Glitter Paper is full of glittery fun but without the mess, since the glitter effects are in the paper.
  • Kids can create dazzling, sparkly masterpieces with their favorite Disney Princesses and Fairies.
  • With Crayola’s Color Wonder system, parents can rest easy since the mess-free Color Wonder markers will only appear on the special Color Wonder paper – not on skin, clothing, walls or furniture.
  • Kids can color and watch in awe as hidden images magically appear on the glittery paper.

My kids LOVED every single product that came to us!  We received the shipment a day or two before heading out comping and as we were packing up, all 4 kids wanted to know if I had packed the chalk so they could draw a 4 square game to play with their cousins.  The possibility of what you can do with these products are endless.  I love for my kids to use their imagination and go and play.  Crayola makes it possible for them to do that…not only possible, but encourages them to do it!

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