Comfy. Warm. Simple.

One of my favorite times of the year is the fall.  I love the cool crisp air, the changing leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything!  I especially love going on cool runs up the canyon.  When you are a mom of two the cool weather also means bundling up your kiddos.  Pull out the beanies, the jackets, and the blankets.  It is supposed to be fun but when you are constantly stopping your run to pick up kicked off blankets or dropping socks it can be a hassle.  Cozey7 to the rescue!

Cozey7, an American made company, keeps your child warm and cozy while allowing them to discover and have fun.  Their product, The Trailhopper, allows you to go on your outings in the cool weather and not have to worry about whether your child is going to stay warm enough.

I received the Trailhopper in Paintbrush (red) to test out.  This is a blanket for active kids.  Made from polartec fleece, it is soft and warm for my little ones.  The color combination is red with a purple trim and lime green zipper.   This is the perfect gender neutral color combination.  The feet have a fold over flap that allows your child’s feet to be covered, keeping socks and shoes from falling off and getting lost, or uncovered, allowing kids to run and explore.  There are not any sleeves on the Trailhopper giving your child the movement and ventilation they need while playing.  If they get cold, simply tuck their arms inside.  The zipper features an anti-jam ribbon!  No more fussing with jammed zippers and at the same time when your child is old enough, they can zip it up on their own without any hassle.  Also there is a piece of material at the top of the zipper covering the top.  This keeps your child safe from getting lips or skin accidentally caught in the zipper and keeping a icy zipper off their face.  Cozey7 really has thought of everything!

Originally I picked a size that would work for Blake for this fall, winter, and into spring and maybe even next fall.  I picked the 6-18 month size.  On the Cozey7 site it says it fits 29 1/2″ shoulder to toes, made bigger so it fits over big winter clothes.  Blake is only 9 weeks and just 19″ from shoulder to toes.  So right now, the Trailhopper is really big on him, which is okay because fall isn’t quite here.  We recently went to a Kenny Loggins concert and Blake stayed warm in this…too big or not 🙂  This is going to last him for a long time.  It may even last him past 18 months!  Beckham is 27″ from shoulder to toes so it fits him…and he is 27 months!!

It works great in our hiking backpack!  Beckham can stay warm and comfortable without having to wear bulky clothes or have a blanket wrapped around him.  When he is wearing the Trailhopper, we can just take him right out of the backpack and put him straight into the car.  This is perfect for when they are sleeping…they can stay asleep, warm, and safe in a carseat.  No more bulky coats in carseats.  That can actually make them be unsafe since it is hard to get the buckles tight enough with a bulky coat on.

Each Trailhopper comes with a big carabiner and color coordination stuff sack.  The Trailhopper is so useful you will want to take it with you everywhere.  Click it on to the stroller in case it gets cold at the park when the sun goes down.  Click it on your hiking backpack so when elevation changes and it gets cooler you will have it handy.

Trailhoppers are available in 9 colors including, light pink, black, blue and orchid.  These retail for $65 but right now Cozey7 is offering Real Moms Real View readers 20% off! Simply use the code KL20 and get your Trailhopper for just $52!  The Trailhopper would make a great, unique present for the outdoorsy or constantly on the go family!