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The 5 most common wedding photography scams to watch out for

Let’s get one thing straight, planning a wedding from scratch is no walk in the park and requires that you take a great many decisions beforehand itself. Even the slightest mistake or wrong call could mean the difference…

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Top 5 Spots For Photography in Birmingham

Birmingham, the city of England, which was a manufacturing hub in the industrial revolution and still has some landmarks from the 18th century standing tall, is a very photogenic city. It has a number of canals which are…

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Architectural Photography: Benefiting People in Various Walks of Life!

Photographs can speak a thousand words. This is a popular belief among many! Do you also feel this way about photographs? If you do not, then you have not seen what a good photograph can do! Did you…

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7 Tips To Nail Your Headshot Game

Headshots are a great way of getting out in the business world and showing your strong presence in the field. Undoubtedly, you need a trained and professional photographer in Sydney to portray you brilliantly in a headshot, but…

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