Month: July 2018

Create your Unique Style with Rings of Your Choice!

Fashionistas out there! You want to create new looks each and every day! Stay ahead of your peers and even teach them a thing or two about fashion. But, sometimes you are looking at the whole shebang! Just…

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Top 10 reasons you should upgrade your HVAC system

It is a known fact that more than half of your energy goes to cooling and heating. Therefore, at home, it is imperative for you to make some smart decisions, associated with your place’s ventilating, heating and air…

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Top 5 activities to bring your team closer for better efficiency

If we consider the 8 to 9 hours of the five days a week collectively, we will realise what major portion of our lives we have spent with our colleagues in our office. It is a huge time,…

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Pamper The Bride: Awesome Spa Activities For A Relaxing Single Life Send-off

Hen weekend trips can be tiring, isn’t it? The stress can really dull up your face right before the big day. So, why take a chance? You, the bride-to-be and your girls need to make every other woman…

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Say Yes to a Messy Desk!

Albert Einstein famously said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? A child, or teacher for that matter who has a cluttered desk during the…

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Top tips for boosting your pool fence’s efficiency

A lot of mishaps take place every year around pool areas, and the only possible way to avoid them is to have good quality and enduring pool fencing for your swimming pool. Pool fencing has become a necessity…

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