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Did you know the average newborn goes through 8 diapers/day?  EIGHT!  (Actually I think I changed Beckham more than that….paranoid first time mommy.)  Even though the cost of a year of diapers is horrendous, I just can’t stomach the idea of cloth diapers and especially the idea of cloth reusable wipes.  For some reason it sicks me out, but they do have cute diaper covers!  Nevertheless I stick to my disposable, not so cute diapers and wipes.  Why is it that disposable diapers and wipes can’t be as cute and fancy as cloth?  Well now at least the wipes can!  CleverRelish has designed the most fabulous wipes container covers so that you can make a fashionable statement, even with your wipes container!

CleverRelish was founded by Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, and most importantly a mother.  After six years of diaper changing and staring at an ugly plastic baby wipes tub she had an “aha!” moment.  “Why don’t we just make it part of the décor!”  She made prototypes on the sewing machine she received as a 10 year old and WipesWraps was born.

I had never seen these before, so when I saw them for the first time, I thought they looked awesome and I knew I would think about wanting one every time I used the wipes.  Chances are, you have more than one container of wipes in your house.  Probably on every floor and in several rooms, right?  You never know when you’ll need them now.

Let’s let the cute designs speak for themselves and lure you in:

Hooked huh!?  I was for sure.  Right now we just have a blah plastic tub in Beckham’s nursery, like most homes I am sure.  The changing table isn’t hidden so neither are the diapers and wipes.  They just sit right on top of the dresser and scream, “BLAH!” I had a hard time picking out just the right WipesWraps to go in his room because their are so many that would look good.  I went bold and chose the grey zebra to go in his animal filled nursery.  It is perfect.  Take a look!

I love this grey zebra WipesWrap. It goes great in Beckham’s safari themed nursery. The grey color is soft and not a bright black and white pattern so it works without screaming “sassy girl”. Who knew that wipes would become a nursery accessory!?

A good friend of mine and fellow blogger, Camille from Dandy Giveaway, also got to try out these awesome WipeWraps, and here are her thoughts:

I picked out the Gray Lace, and it is gorgeous gorgeous! I think I will be intentionally leaving it out so that guests can notice it 🙂 Doesn’t it look chic and so vintagely sweet? WipesWraps are made to fit Pampers wipes containers but will also fit other brands. Camille’s box is a Huggies box. It still fits but the WipesWraps top is square and the Huggies lid is oval. (The Pampers wipes box is square.) Also the Huggies box doesn’t really have a button the sits away from the box, like Pampers do. Therefore the wrap has a harder time staying under the button and often covers it. This mixed with a little extra fabric on the top can cause the lid to not want to stay shut. Camille fixed this problem by simply not using the lid cover. No big deal. Another way to fix this would be to buy some Pampers wipes 😉 (Just giving you a hard time Camille )

Camille made a video to show it to you hands-on:

Isn’t she cute!?   She and a few other ladies do reviews and giveaways on Dandy Giveaway.  Go check them out, read more reviews, and enter to win fabulous products!

And what is even MORE awesome about CleverRelish, in all their awesomeness, is that they donated a cover with wipes to our Mother’s Lounges at church!  Both Camille and I were able to share this awesome product with dozens of women who frequent these rooms during our church services.  Since dropping one off, I’ve been chatting with my friends to see if they noticed and to get their thoughts on the WipesWraps.

“Such a cute decoration in a room that has none.”

“It is such much cuter than a refill bag that someone left half opened on the counter.”
“Explain why I don’t have this in my house already?”

For $14.95, go stock up and take care of Christmas gifts for all your girlfriends with babies. These would also make great baby shower presents! I use a wipe box for my makeup remover wipes so I am asking the hubs to get me a wrap for that box for Christmas. It will help make our bathroom a little cuter and hopefully I won’t get flack from my husband for leaving all my stuff out :).

CleverRelish, Real Moms Real Views, and Camille at Dandy Giveaway are bringing you today’s giveaway:
One WipesWraps of your choice!