Happy Little Feet {KushyFoot #Review & #Giveaway}

Remember when I did a Kushyfoot foot fashion show for you?  I have been wearing my Kushyfoot socks since and loving them.  Kushyfoot sent me some of their athletic styles to give a shot and I am liking them just as much.  Check out my foot fashion show part 2!

Let’s start with the yoga socks.  These are available in black and tan.  They fit nice and tight (but not cut your circulation off tight) so that you won’t be slipping and sliding on your yoga mat.  Plus, there is non-slip grip on the bottom of these open toe socks.  You could even use these when you go get a pedicure!  Keep your nails out to dry but your feet covered to keep moisture in.  You may feel funny walking around with these and flip flops on but at least you will save your pedi. 🙂  I personally like the nude the best…it draws less attention to my feet.

Next down the run way are the slipper socks.  These little beauties give the warmth and protection you want without your feet sweating.  I have a bunch of slipper socks and a few pairs of slippers but unless it is super duper cold outside I can’t wear them.  My feet will sweat like crazy.  Not with Kushyfoot slipper socks.  They are thinner and more breathable.  These are a must-have for any pregnant lady’s hospital bag!  Put them in your travel bag so your feet never have to touch nasty hotel carpet again.  They have the non-slip grip on the bottom and a soft elastic over the top.  There is even a little bow to add to the cuteness factor.  They are available in light pink and light purple.

Next, the sport foot covers.  I have told you about these before when I received them in white.  I love these because they are super soft and no-show.  The top is ventilated mesh so it allows your feet to breath while you workout.  (See how you can see my nail polish?  That is because they are thin.  Thin but not flimsy.)  Just inside the heel there are 3 zig zags of non-slip grip.  This will keep your socks on your heels so you don’t have to stop and pull them up at every corner.  LOVE that!  I received these in white and black.

Up next, the mini crew socks.  I am not really a fan of mini crew or crew socks and here is why…look at my ankles.  They aren’t the cute little dainty ankles.  In fact, this picture is making me want to take a water pill and hit the gym.  ha ha  Elastic this high up on my ankles make my legs look like cankles.  YIKES!  Although these are my favorite style they sure are cute and comfy.  There is a little diamond pattern at the top and the bottom had zig zag cushioning.  They are definitely comfy but unless I was wearing pants I don’t think these are for me.  These come in a 3 pack and are available in white.

Last but not least are the low cut socks with ruffle detail.  These have the potential to be really cute but again my dang ankles have to ruin them.  As you can see I don’t have petite ankles, mine are 10 1/2″ around.  (Don’t judge if yours are smaller.)  I grew up tap dancing and I have a good deal of ankle muscles.  (just keep telling yourself that, Crissa)  These socks are supposed to be ruffly at the top but on me they just look like they have colored stitching…cute but not what they are intended to look like.  These socks are available in pink, black, and white ruffle details.  They have the same zig zag cushioning as the mini crew socks do.  They are comfy.  I will wear them, just no one will know they are supposed to be ruffly socks.  Here is what they would look like on petite ankles.

Kushyfoot is Real Moms approved!

Well another foot fashion show comes to a close but not before Kushyfoot offers a GIVEAWAY!

Kushyfoot is giving one lucky reader over $40 worth of socks! The winner will receive everything I did…yoga socks in black and tan, slipper socks in pink and purple, sport foot covers in black and white, 3 pairs of mini crew socks, and low cut socks with ruffle design in pink, black, and white!

Want to win?  Here is how to enter:Mandatory 1st Entry:

Go to Kushyfoot and tell us what socks you would like to try

Once the mandatory entry is completed you can gain additional entries from the following:

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  9. 9Chelsea saysMay 19, 2013 at 3:41 PMthose ruffle socks bring me right back to my childhood! Pretty sure I need to try those!
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  49. 49betty saysMay 21, 2013 at 1:09 PMmy ankles are … well, my ankles. Not dainty, and they certainly swelled when I was pregnant. Summer heat puts me happily in sandals even if they aren’t as dainty as the next (probably younger) gal. Actually it’s one of those things that is what it is and best not be fixated on.
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