Why you should have a poker weekend?

So you want to do something different this weekend in Sydney. Are you bored of the usual drinking in pubs and bars, going clubbing to the same places with the same kind of music every other weekend or even hosting parties which just involve a lot of drinks and music, nothing new? Well, if you’re up for a little challenge and want to spice things up with a themed party then you can opt for a poker themed party. You can have a poker weekend with all your friends who play poker in Sydney or even teach some of them how to play poker.


You can start by sending out invites to your friends to your poker night or poker weekend. If you want to host the game night with real money on the table, mention that in the invites, so that your friends are ready and know what’s in store for them. After receiving the RSVP’s from your friends you should find out how many of your friends already know the game. To ensure that everyone who is coming to the poker weekend has a good time, you can hold one or two sessions of poker education. Teach your friends who aren’t familiar with the game on how to play and win. Friends who play poker can teach your friends who don’t play poker but want to try a hand on the poker night. These poker lessons could be played with fake money because after all it’s learning.


Finally let’s get to the planning of the poker night. If you’re going full fledged on the poker night theme, then having a poker table is a must. You can get a poker table on hire in Sydney from event management or party hosting companies. Depending on the number of people you want to have in a game, you can either get one table or multiple tables for the night. Make sure there is enough space to fit these in your home for the night. Next you need a poker set and cards for the game. These too you can get on hire or maybe you can borrow these from your poker playing friends.

Drinks and Snacks

No poker night is complete without some drinks and snacks. Poker can be a very intense game so make sure you’re well stocked up on everyone’s favourite poison. You don’t want to be the host that ran out of someone’s poker drink on your poker weekend. So ask everyone to give you a list of their favourite drinks that they like to have while playing poker and make sure you’re well stocked up. Now, where there are drinks, there have to be snacks, so cook some delicious snacks for everyone or if that’s too much work for you, then order the snacks from a restaurant that serves food to everyone’s liking.


If you want, you can also take the extra step of decorating your home with special poker effects. You can have a large dice as a centerpiece on a table or castles made by cards, anything to do with poker can be used as a decoration to give a more casino like feel to the party.


If all this is still too much trouble you don’t want to take and still want to have a poker night, then just get your gang together and go out for a poker night in a Sydney casino. A casino will itself take care of your poker night without you having to do anything. However, make sure that you and all your friends are aware that there is real money at stake in a casino. So ditch that typical Friday night out and go for a poker night out!

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