When Life’s A Circus

Sometime life gets pretty crazy around here. I feel like the day flies right by and before I know it it’s already dinner time. You could say it’s kinda like a circus around here sometimes! :-) One thing that is constant is Peanut asking for drinks in his cups. He LOVES sippy cups of all kinds. When Tommee Tippee offered to send us some of their new limited edition Three Ring Circus Explora cups, we were super excited. TT4 They sent us the Truly spill proof straw cup  2 pack and the Truly spill proof drink cup 2 pack. They have a great selection of regular colors, but the Three Ring Circus is so fun! There are fun boy or girl themed cups. I love the fun, circus themed pictures on the cup… a nice change from plain old colors or the usual boy and girl themes for cups. tt1 I really love the function of these cups too! We’ve used straw cups before that were a complete joke… as in NOTHING but water was allowed in there because they continually leaked or bubbled out the top. I can say that the Tommee Tippee straw cup truly is spill proof, at least so far! I even let Peanut have his juice in it! :-) TT2 And I love that it has a easy to use flip top lid that keeps things even tidier! I equally love the drink cup too. Up till now we were using a similar brand that was a drink cup style, but no matter what, the insert hole always cracked when you put the insert in after so many uses… and then it ended up leaking. The secret to Tommee Tippee’s design is a silicone insert that keeps liquid where it should stay until it’s sucked up or out. I’ll admit that I actually had to read…or maybe re-read the directions a couple of times for the straw cup before I figured out how to take it apart and put it together for cleaning, but it is well worth it! I feel confident about it not leaking! The drink cup is a lot easier to figure out.. no reading required for me, and it still has the great silicone feature.
TT5 Here’s what they look like deconstructed if you’re wondering! :-) Both cups are insulated, which is always nice! They are dishwaswher, microwave, steralizer safe and are BPA-free. You can find the new Tommee Tippee Explora Three Ring Circus collection at Babies R Us and it retails around between $6-$10.

Today Tommy Tippy is generously giving away a set of Truly Spill Proof

Drink Cups and Straw Cups to one lucky winner in boy or girl theme

Want to join the circus with your own?

Enter below!



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  1. 1

    Meagan BS says

    the cup is meant to help kids learned to drink from an open cup, which i think is really helpful!

  2. 2

    Meagan BS says

    my daughter used one certain brand, but i can’t remember what they were called. I tried to get her off of them and to regular cups quickly because I didn’t want her dependent on them.

  3. 3

    Em Ma says

    I learned that the cups are dishwasher safe and safe for hot drinks – however drink should not be heated up in the cup itself

  4. 4

    shelly peterson says

    I learned that Babies’R'Us is the nation’s leading dedicated juvenile products retailer.

  5. 5


    I learned that they are safe for hot drinks which is awesome for Hot Chocolate days. Also they are dishwasher safe, perfect for me since I love to throw everything on the dishwasher lol.

  6. 9

    Colleen Maurina says

    I learned that their sippy cups help our children develop grown up drinking skills without the spills!

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