Hair looking hot!!


I have been using my Living Proof PhD hair care products for a few weeks now. I have to say I am loving the results. Using the Perfect Hair Day ... [ Read More ]

Knock Knock


It never fails; I get to the grocery store with my list, fill up my cart, check out, and then head home. As I am home unloading my haul, there are ... [ Read More ]

Far Out Freshness

his and hers

Grab a carpet square.  It is story time!  A few years ago my husband went to an optical and bought a really nice pair of Oakley sunglasses.  That ... [ Read More ]

The Nursing Pajama Gang


If you follow Real Moms Real Views on Instagram (if you don't, what are you waiting for!?) you know that the other day I was in my pajamas until 5 ... [ Read More ]

The Printed Palette


Y'all know I love finding online gems; shops that offer unique and stylish designs. It's been a bit since I first introduced you to The Printed ... [ Read More ]

Ready, Set, Warm!

Blake loves yoomi

Nursing my babies is such a wonderful thing.  Not only do I save a ton! but I get to have a great bond with my baby and a whole lot of snuggles.  As ... [ Read More ]

Keep Your Child In Sight

in use

This summer we have heard several stories across the country of children being left in cars.  Unfortunately most of those stories do not end happily.  ... [ Read More ]

Luna Jai Athletic


Y'all know how important fitness is to me. You have seen me make it a priority these past 9 months and I have been getting stronger {and smaller} by ... [ Read More ]

Look Good, Feel Good


After having a baby it is really important that a mom look good.  Not because they need to be vain or because they need to bounce back quickly.  They ... [ Read More ]

Hot Mama!


Nursing is important to me.  Not only do I want to provide my child with the best while bonding with baby but formula is just plain expensive.  The ... [ Read More ]

Blown Over!


High maintenance beauty routines are not in my nature.  I definitely want to look presentable everyday, but my time as a mom is better spent ... [ Read More ]

CLEARly the Smart Choice


With a 2 year old dancing around the house, running around the playground, and bouncing off the walls there are sure to be bumps and bruises.  There ... [ Read More ]

Lucy Activewear

photo 2

Since returning to teaching a month ago, life has truly been a whirlwind. We are all adjusting but it has definitely been just that; an enormous ... [ Read More ]

Lip Smack-tacular

monthly box

Experimenting with makeup is so fun.  I love trying out new products, new colors, and new methods of getting pretty.  Sometimes products can get ... [ Read More ]

Sweating in Sassy Pants


There are something that you just can't get enough of.  Chocolate. Shoes. Clothes. Massages. Ice name a few.  One thing that I could buy ... [ Read More ]