Comforts of Home

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Personalizing your home is important in achieving comfort.  Notice how you love to cuddle in a certain blanket, or look at a special piece of art. ... [ Read More ]

Beautiful Nutrition


Happy Mother's Day!  It's our special day to relax and reflect on how great it is to be a momma (....and how tough, too :)).  What better way to ... [ Read More ]

Nature’s Best Yoga Mat


I am on a fitness journey. It may not be perfect; two steps forward, one step back, but it's real and I'm a work in progress. I recently went through ... [ Read More ]

Sonnet James {Play More}


I first introduced y'all to Sonnet James last year when I fell in love with their stylish and playful dresses; perfect for a playful mama. Recently, ... [ Read More ]

Hot Swimwear


Things are starting to heat up here in Texas and all I can think about is SUMMER!! Yes, I'm a teacher and I am already counting down the weeks until ... [ Read More ]

Fashion Meets Necessity


I am about 2 weeks away from welcoming my new little peanut to the world! Where did the time go?! One thing that I always end up needing are burps, ... [ Read More ]

Don’t Sweat It!


Ever since having my first son my hormones haven't been quite the same.  Honestly, what mom's hormones go back to normal?  Well time for real talk and ... [ Read More ]

for the ones you love…


Nothing makes me happier than making my children feel special. Whether it's a on an extra-special day, like a birthday, or even just a normal day; I ... [ Read More ]



Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop! I love finding unique shops offering items you just won't find in your local chain stores. I am constantly ... [ Read More ]

Feel Inspired


I have set some big fitness goals this year, continuing on from 2014. I recently celebrated my  one year "fitaversary"! I can't believe it's been a ... [ Read More ]

Playing together!


With a new baby here, I have had to stretch my time between four kids and a full time job. Boy! It's hard! I try to plan dates with each child ... [ Read More ]

The Blissful Body Shop


You all know that I love finding personal shops that offer incredible products; the types of products that are so special and unique that for now they ... [ Read More ]



Long luscious lashes are every girls dream.  We curl them, put extensions on them, and put mascara on them.  The longer and thicker the better.  Am I ... [ Read More ]