Blendtec = Dream Machine!

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I have really fallen in love with eating healthy. For so long I thought it was too hard (i.e. too much work} and I just couldn't do it. Over the past ... [ Read More ]

Nursing in Style


One of my favorite things about having a newborn baby is nursing him.  I know that may sound funny but I love the bond that nursing provides between ... [ Read More ]



Y'all know my story by now; I was never really taught how to apply make up so through my 20's and now even into my 30's I am still figuring things ... [ Read More ]

City Cosmetics


Skin care is incredibly important. My mom may not have had a lot of knowledge regarding make up application {believe me, I was on my own to figure ... [ Read More ]



Still going y'all; I just can't stop! Won't stop! I have upped my game and am completing my 90 day challenge {currently on day 77} and started a 60 ... [ Read More ]

Live Happy Magazine


I have been talking a lot about positivity and happiness this week in my posts; which I love! Every day I wake up and try to spend the days being ... [ Read More ]



I have been working so hard to get in shape. Exercising, eating right; they go hand in hand and together they are certainly helping me reach specific ... [ Read More ]



My love of jewelry just keeps on growing. I love mixing and matching pieces to really take my outfits to that next level and polish them off. Jewelry ... [ Read More ]

Delivery Day Style

mom and blake

On July 5th my son Blake was born!  Two weeks early but healthy and doing well! Before I headed to the hospital at 2:30 AM, I hurried and jumped ... [ Read More ]

Fitmark Bags


  Yes, I love bags. I admit it. A sturdy workout bag can be tricky to come by. You need something roomy, functional, and easy to carry. Next ... [ Read More ]

O’Keeffe’s Company


Summer is most definitely here and that means lots of bare feet! Boots are OUT and flip flops and sandals are IN. I don't get regular pedicures so I ... [ Read More ]

Leighelena Jewelry


Accessories can be a girls best friend. They can transform any outfit and add that special unique touch to your look. I am always looking for unique ... [ Read More ]

Sage & Harper


I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that I absolutely love bags. Purses, duffels, messengers; I can't get enough. I stumbled upon the ... [ Read More ]

Ellie ~ Summer is here.


A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure sharing new fit fashion from Ellie with y'all. I absolutely love their "fit girl" style and my first ... [ Read More ]

Playing Hide & Peek


Once I was nursing my son in a semi-secluded spot at the mall when an older gentlemen wanted to stop and have a chat with me.  While that is awkward ... [ Read More ]

Fancy Fit Boutique


It is really heating up here in Texas and summer is in full swing! I have been getting in my daily workouts and feeling really good. With all this ... [ Read More ]