Oh What A Feeling!


Mom's the word.  Yes, for us mother's out there, our special day is nearing.  Looking for something special to give.......or wanting to drop some ... [ Read More ]

Tan Physics


Summertime is right around the corner and if you're anything like me you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors at the pool or lake with your littles. ... [ Read More ]

The Happy Body


I am just on a mission to be my best self. I have been keeping up with my exercise routine and have been really trying to focus on my diet to trim and ... [ Read More ]

Dona Jo Fitwear


I am loving all this new active wear I am discovering online...who knew there was such an wide variety of amazing gear available; I mean, it's like a ... [ Read More ]

Skin Care Essential!


Skin care is a huge part of my daily routine. It is just so important to me to take good care of my skin and keep it healthy. As I'm getting a bit ... [ Read More ]

Spring Foot Must Haves


Spring brings out cute new fashion, fun colors, and great new trends.  I am not going to lie...it is kind of hard to be pregnant when all of these new ... [ Read More ]

Rhonda Shear Intimates


I completed my 90 day challenge friends! Yes, 90 days exercising 6 days of the week with one rest day. It has been quite a journey and the awesome ... [ Read More ]

Gorgeously Golden


I love shoes!  I have always loved shoes.  Shoes fit no matter how fat or thin you are.  They fit whether you are pregnant (assuming your feet aren't ... [ Read More ]

Jewels fit for a Queen


Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, you're already keeping an eye out for the perfect gift for your mama! There ... [ Read More ]

Fashionable and Affordable


Last time I was pregnant I often wondered how so many women could say, "I love being pregnant."  I was sick up until I gave birth.  I was feeling huge ... [ Read More ]