Don’t Sweat It!


Ever since having my first son my hormones haven't been quite the same.  Honestly, what mom's hormones go back to normal?  Well time for real talk and ... [ Read More ]

for the ones you love…


Nothing makes me happier than making my children feel special. Whether it's a on an extra-special day, like a birthday, or even just a normal day; I ... [ Read More ]



Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop! I love finding unique shops offering items you just won't find in your local chain stores. I am constantly ... [ Read More ]

Feel Inspired


I have set some big fitness goals this year, continuing on from 2014. I recently celebrated my  one year "fitaversary"! I can't believe it's been a ... [ Read More ]

Playing together!


With a new baby here, I have had to stretch my time between four kids and a full time job. Boy! It's hard! I try to plan dates with each child ... [ Read More ]

The Blissful Body Shop


You all know that I love finding personal shops that offer incredible products; the types of products that are so special and unique that for now they ... [ Read More ]



Long luscious lashes are every girls dream.  We curl them, put extensions on them, and put mascara on them.  The longer and thicker the better.  Am I ... [ Read More ]

Functional and Stylish


Nursing is a double edged sword.  It build bonds, does wonders for your developing child, and saves your tons of money.  It also takes a lot of time ... [ Read More ]

Montiel Athletic


As y'all know I have been focusing on my fitness and nutrition for the past year and am excited to continue improving in these areas in 2015! I made ... [ Read More ]

Pump Up The Jams!


At our house we LOVE music!  We sing and dance all the time.  Every time we get in the car we sing.  Lately Beckham only wants to listen to a few ... [ Read More ]

Running into 2015!


Happy New Year!!! I hope all of y'all have had a fantastic holiday season and are excited about a new beginning in 2015. I spent last year trying to ... [ Read More ]

Looking for Holiday Yum?


I am loving my Dell Foxglove! It really meets my needs on a daily basis as a mom and blogger. I don't know how I lived without it to be honest. I ... [ Read More ]

Gift Guide Giveaway


Real Moms Real Views has teamed up with Green Scene Mom to bring you a killer giveaway.  This giveaway features "eco-friendly and innovative Christmas ... [ Read More ]