Gift Guide Giveaway


Real Moms Real Views has teamed up with Green Scene Mom to bring you a killer giveaway.  This giveaway features "eco-friendly and innovative Christmas ... [ Read More ]

Use, Reuse, and Save


There are so many benefits to nursing.  Of course there is the health and bonding benefits but there is also the cost savings.  Formula feeding is ... [ Read More ]

Living Chic

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We all know one......that woman who seems to have life figured out;  she is poised, well dressed, and content.  Author Jennifer L Scott knows this ... [ Read More ]

Hair looking hot!!


I have been using my Living Proof PhD hair care products for a few weeks now. I have to say I am loving the results. Using the Perfect Hair Day ... [ Read More ]

Knock Knock


It never fails; I get to the grocery store with my list, fill up my cart, check out, and then head home. As I am home unloading my haul, there are ... [ Read More ]