Hot Mama!


Nursing is important to me.  Not only do I want to provide my child with the best while bonding with baby but formula is just plain expensive.  The ... [ Read More ]

Blown Over!


High maintenance beauty routines are not in my nature.  I definitely want to look presentable everyday, but my time as a mom is better spent ... [ Read More ]

CLEARly the Smart Choice


With a 2 year old dancing around the house, running around the playground, and bouncing off the walls there are sure to be bumps and bruises.  There ... [ Read More ]

Lucy Activewear

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Since returning to teaching a month ago, life has truly been a whirlwind. We are all adjusting but it has definitely been just that; an enormous ... [ Read More ]

Lip Smack-tacular

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Experimenting with makeup is so fun.  I love trying out new products, new colors, and new methods of getting pretty.  Sometimes products can get ... [ Read More ]

Sweating in Sassy Pants


There are something that you just can't get enough of.  Chocolate. Shoes. Clothes. Massages. Ice name a few.  One thing that I could buy ... [ Read More ]

Fashionable and Fancy


I love getting dressed up and put together.  As a mother of two, some days are harder than others to put myself together.  That is why I like finding ... [ Read More ]

Perfectly Polka Dots


If you saw the review I posted yesterday, then you know that I stress for the perfectly perfect running outfit when I race.  It's a whole ... [ Read More ]

Dye to Die For


When I run races, I want to wear a shirt that stands out.  I remember my races according to what I wore for the race.  I want to wear something that ... [ Read More ]

Right Before Your Eyes

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I love one-of-a-kind companies.  The kind of companies you can spot their products from a mile away.  When you don't have to ask where someone got it ... [ Read More ]

Thicker, Longer Lashes


This review contains a MAKEUP MUST HAVE!  This is a must read review!!!  You can thank me later :) If you could take one bag of things with you ... [ Read More ]

Cool Cali Style


I love learning about styles in different parts of the country.  It is fun to see all of these different styles and try them out on myself.  I ... [ Read More ]