Fashionable and Fancy


I love getting dressed up and put together.  As a mother of two, some days are harder than others to put myself together.  That is why I like finding ... [ Read More ]

A Memory to Wear


One of the first assignments my elementary teachers seemed to give at the start of school was to write a paragraph about "What we did over summer ... [ Read More ]

Perfect Party Favors


When it is birthday time, we like to do it right.  Since my kids were little, we have had themed birthday parties.  We love finding games, decorations ... [ Read More ]



My love of jewelry just keeps on growing. I love mixing and matching pieces to really take my outfits to that next level and polish them off. Jewelry ... [ Read More ]

Leighelena Jewelry


Accessories can be a girls best friend. They can transform any outfit and add that special unique touch to your look. I am always looking for unique ... [ Read More ]

Marley Lilly


Y'all know I have a true love for all things personalized. There is something extremely special about a gift or an item bought that has been engraved, ... [ Read More ]

Oh What A Feeling!


Mom's the word.  Yes, for us mother's out there, our special day is nearing.  Looking for something special to give.......or wanting to drop some ... [ Read More ]

Jewels fit for a Queen


Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, you're already keeping an eye out for the perfect gift for your mama! There ... [ Read More ]

Wear a Story


I love a good girls day; lunch with a dear friend, shopping, laughing, just a day to relax and recharge! I had the most fantastic girls day a few ... [ Read More ]

Boutique Savings!!!


I am a fan of boutique goods. There is something about going to a craft fair and seeing all the creative items people create. I love picking up fun ... [ Read More ]

Goodie Box


I am constantly seeing those awesome monthly subscription boxes online. Everything from jewelry, make up, to clothing! I always wonder how they work, ... [ Read More ]