Icing on the Cake


When my husband built our house almost 15 years ago, he never intended on staying here.  Then, as a single guy, he decided to stay.  But there were a ... [ Read More ]

All Signs Point to—


Back in July my hubby became a K9 officer.  He has been a police officer for the last 4+ years and loves his job.  He has always taken every ... [ Read More ]

Dress Up Your Darlings


April is the definition of Divalicious!!  She is always adding a scarf, bow, and earrings.  She always looks amazing and totally put together.  She ... [ Read More ]

Better is Better


I do not like cleaning.  I am not going to say I "hate" it because I like the outcome but I don't love the time and effort it takes to clean.  Can't ... [ Read More ]

Energizer Bunny turns 25!

energizer bunny 25 birthday

He keeps going and going and going. I remember this little bunny and his drum when I was a little girl. He is iconic and is now celebrating his 25th ... [ Read More ]

DIY Painted Mason Jars

mason jar 800

I love, love, love, the idea of painting mason jars for my bathroom and recently stumbled upon this tutorial. Head over and check it out! Think ... [ Read More ]

Banish the Blah!


Did you know the average newborn goes through 8 diapers/day?  EIGHT!  (Actually I think I changed Beckham more than that....paranoid first time ... [ Read More ]