“Socking” Stuffers


Socks don't exactly make the top of everyone's Christmas list, but they are a very practical stuffer for stockings or to add as little extras under ... [ Read More ]

Comforts of Home

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Personalizing your home is important in achieving comfort.  Notice how you love to cuddle in a certain blanket, or look at a special piece of art. ... [ Read More ]

Double Duty Decor


Let's all remember way back.....to your 1st middle school dance.  What kind of music was playing?  Did you have refreshments?  Were the boys awkwardly ... [ Read More ]

Under Cover

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Fall officially began this week.  I almost didn't notice, considering the temps in Texas are still in the 90's!  But, despite the heat, I was in the ... [ Read More ]

Get Dry Quick!

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Sweating it such a great feeling.  Sweat in your eyes, not such a great feeling.  Sweat in your mouth, just plain sick!  Don't get me wrong, I love ... [ Read More ]

Laundry Made Easier


Now that I have two little guys I feel like my laundry is never ending.  I bet if you asked any of my friends or family member they could tell you a ... [ Read More ]

Oh Baby, That’s Clean!


Before each one of my son's were born I worked really hard to get the house nice and clean.  I got the carpets cleaned, cleaned all of the bathrooms, ... [ Read More ]

Loving my new Color!


'Colorhouse specializes in paints formulated without volitile organic compounds (VOC's)' This summer I decided it was time to start some house ... [ Read More ]