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pretty princess {The Princess Giveaway} CLOSED

logo I think every little girl dreams of becoming a princess! It can be difficult to find princess dress up clothes that are high quality and really, really pretty! The Princess Dress carries an amazing amount of high quality princess costumes perfect for the little princess in your house!

Do you ever get frustrated by the selection of dress up clothes at your local stores? We sure did. All we wanted were some cute princess dress up clothes for our kids, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Now, we can help you in your search too! We carry a full line of princess dress up costumes. It’s like looking in the Halloween section all year round for princess dresses, only with much more variety. Our daughters absolutely love these dresses, and we’re sure yours will too!

Are you planning a Fancy Nancy party? We sell gorgeous dresses for your little Fancy Nancy! We have all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have jewelry, shoes, crowns and fairy accessories. We carry pink, purple, blue, burgundy, green, and many more colors to choose from for your dress. We also have Disney Princess Dresses. These include Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Snow White… and we have other fairy costumes too! We have child wedding dresses, southern belle dresses, Spanish princess dresses.. and more! ~The Princess Dress


When choosing a princess dress for my little Ava, I knew we had to go Cinderella! She loves the movie and already had some pretty glamorous Cinderella jewelry to match. When her Cinderella dress arrived in the mail, I was actually a little bit shocked! Most dress up dresses we have around our house are itchy and not very well made…NOT this dress from The Princess Dress! The fabric is so silky soft, it is completed with so many lacy, fancy, darling details, and even zips up the back! No Velcro  here! The dress came complete with matching Cinderella gloves! She loves wearing this dress around the house, to the store, to Grams house, anywhere she can! I am just hoping she doesn’t wear it out before Halloween as it is going to be the perfect Halloween costume for her this year, and then Hollis can be Gus, Gus! Cute, right?! This princes dress can cheer up my girl any day! She puts it on and starts twirling!  

Right now sign up for The Princess Dress newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase.

Today, The Princess Dress will be giving away Fairytale Princess Dress 29.99, Pink Fairy Princess Dress 24.99, and A Princess Accessory Pack 9.99!

View princess dress

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precious piggies {piggy paint giveaway} CLOSED


My name is Melanie Hurley, founder of Piggy Paint. I am a stay-at-home mom with two very fancy little girls, ages 4 and 6, who love to have their fingernails painted. I’ve always hated the thought of my kiddos putting their hands in their mouths after I painted their nails with traditional kid polishes. Not only did the ingestion of the chemicals worry me, but the smell nearly left me light-headed after painting two sets of fingernails and toenails.
One day while we were painting nails over a foam plate, my daughter dropped a glob of her solvent-based polish onto the plate. Shortly after, the paint began to bubble and “ate” through the plate. I looked in dismay at the hole in the plate and decided to test all of her other “kid” polishes on the foam. Within minutes, ALL of the solvent-based polishes began to bubble and eventually left big holes in the plate (
Click to see plate). From that day on, I decided that any flammable substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for my children’s fingernails, which would inevitably end up in their mouths. foreverfancygirl540
My quest was on, and Piggy Paint™ was born. As you may have guessed, our polish is NOT flammable and sits beautifully on the unaffected foam. We hope you enjoy this water-based polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients. Finally, a kid-friendly polish without the accompanying drawbacks of traditional polishes. It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone… and made in the USA!
From my heart to yours, I hope Piggy Paint takes the worry out of painting your nails and puts the fun back into this enjoyable activity you can share with your daughter and other precious girls in your life

Piggy Paint is specially formulated from God’s natural ingredients and dries to a hard, durable finish. There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. ~Piggy Paint


Oh my gosh! My girl LOVES nail polish! Her Grandma {nonna} does nails and it is Ava’s absolute favorite thing to go up to her shop and get her nails painted, followed by digging through all of her Nonna’s nail polish {lining them up along the edge of her table…cringe!} She usually ends up leaving with a color or two and she has started quite the collection of herforeverfancy540 own nail polishes in a little purse. I think she just might have more than I do! The only problem is, I have to really keep an eye on her with that bag. She is always trying to get in it and paint her nails. I was ecstatic to discover Piggy Paint! All natural nail polish specifically made for little ones! No smell, No toxins, natural as mud!!! We received one nail polish and one nail polish remover {made in the USA} from Piggy Paint. Ava was so happy when we opened the box and she saw PINK, FOREVER FANCY! Immediately her nails polishremover540 had to be painted. I was shocked {and thrilled} when I started painting her nails and there was no icky smell! The piggy paint went on so well and ,oh my, forever fancy is such a pretty pink! {i even had to paint my toenails with it!}. One coat was all I needed, I was so impressed with that. I can definitely see this nail polish replacing the ones she already has in her little nail polish purse! Piggy Paint would make an awesome gift for a girly girl, I have a few nieces that are sure to find some in their stockings this holiday season {is it too early to start talking holidays?!}! The nail polish remover is equally as wonderful! Hypoallergenic + low odor = LOVE! Piggy Paint even added vitamin E and aloe vera to  supplement the natural oils that protect nails and cuticles. I don’t think you could go wrong with Piggy Paint, they are such an amazing, eco friendly company with an equally wonderful product!

safbaward Piggy Paint is excited to announce that they have received the Excellence Award from and now proudly have received their seal of approval as an approved Vendor of Mom approved-child tested products!!

Piggy Paint uses 100% reused peanuts from their local community to ship their products!  Reduce, reuse, recycle!  Let’s pamper Mother Earth!

It’s your lucky day! Piggy Paint is giving our readers an exclusive offer! Use the coupon code REAL10L and get 10% off anything on the website including sale items!!! expiration   October 31, 2010 & is ready for immediate use!

Spend over $35 and domestic shipping is FREE!

Today, Piggy Paint is giving away a $15 gift certificate to their site!

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Let’s Twist Again {Lindo’s Giveaway} CLOSED

There are some things in life that I just can’t figure out why we are “blessed” with them.  Ants.  Morning Glory weeds.  Women’s leg hair.  Toe hair.  LA Clippers.  80′s bangs.  UPPER LIP HAIR!  Why the heck do we have upper lip hair if we are only going to stress over it and go through all the pain to get rid of it?

Waxing your lip is painful but you do it any way thinking the whole time “Beauty is pain.”  Heaven forbid you leave it!  YIKES!  That could leave you looking like a hot mess!!

Lindo’s has invented a way to remove face hair quick, easy,and painlessly.  Sounds too good to be true huh?!  But it isn’t!

Lindo’s Twist-N-Roll Tweezers gently removes hair, thick or thin, right from the root and does not cause stubble or thicker hairs to grow in.  It is so easy to use that any one can use it!  You don’t even need a mirror.  Just bend the coil to make an upside down u and twist the handles outward….TADA!  Instant hair removal!  It is the same concept of hair threading but this time it is in your home.

Another reason why this is such a great product, is unlike waxing it can be used on everyone. For example, if you are on Accutane you can not wax.  You can use the Lindo’s Twist-N-Roll Tweezers while on Accutane though!  It is natural and non-abrasive.

These retail for $17.99 but are on sale right now for $14.99.  If you order two, (one for you and one for your BFF) you get a pack of SwirliDo hair ties free!  If you order three, you get a tube of Lindo’s Hair Inhibiting Moisturizer free!

Wait?  You don’t know what the Lindo’s SwirliDo Hair Ties are?  You should have said!  Let me explain.

SwilriDo Hair Ties are the answer to all your ponytail prayers.  These little babies hold your hair, make it look cute, come out quickly, doesn’t snag hair, and won’t leave a crease!!  Awesome, I know!

SwilirDo’s come in many different colors.  I received the clear, black and grey pack.  I love them!  I use them all the time.  I have used them at the pool, water skiing—no attempting to water ski, at work, and at home.  They are wonderful.  I love that they actually hold my hair tight but won’t leave a crease like a normal pony tail holder would.  They even work great with a bun. Although they would your hair tight, they don’t give you a head ache.  It is wonderful.  They slide right out of your hair and don’t take your hair with them.

These retail for $9.99 for a pack of 8 but are on sale right now for $5.99-6.99.

Today, Lindo’s is giving one lucky winner…

A Twist-N-Roll Tweezer AND a pack of 8 SwirliDos!!

Want to win?  Here’s how to enter:

Leave one comment for each eligible entry.

1st Entry–MANDATORY–Go to the Lindo’s website and watch THIS demo video.  Come back and tell us something you learned.

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5 Entries–Make a purchase from Lindo’s

You have until August 20th @ 11:59 AM EDT to enter the giveaway. All giveaways are open to USA only. Winners will be chosen by and will be contacted by email after the giveaways close. The winner will then have 48 hours to claim their giveaway by email. If the winner does not claim their prize within their 48 hour period, a new winner will be chosen. *All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post.  Thanks Lindo’s for providing the Twist-N-Roll Tweezers and SwirliDo’s for this review and giveaway.

Real Moms DIY: oh-so-cute personalized bow holder

If your daughter is like my Ava girl, then you have tons of hair bows, clips, barrettes, accessories and no place to put them! I recently saw a super cute bow holder in a local boutique and thought “I could do that!”. So…I did! I went to my local craft store and bought an upper case letter “A”, some fun ribbon, and headed home to create a bow holder for my girl! It was super easy, fun for Ava, and now we have a place for all of her darling hair accessories!

1st Step: Gather all your supplies: wooden letter, ribbon {two strands about 24 inches long}, hot glue gun, paint {various colors}, paint brush or sponge brush.

IMG_70122nd Step: Paint it up! Choose any color and paint away! Or you can make it an activity for your little one and have them paint their letter, even embellish it with sequins, feathers, glitter, pom poms, anything their heart desires! So fun! A great little activity to do indoors on a hot summer day! {allow paint to dry}




IMG_7017 3rd Step: Cut ribbon into two strings, both about 24 inches long. Then glue to the BACK of the wooden letter.



4th Step: Cut any slits in the ribbon for bows & headbands that might need some help staying put!

5th Step: Hang & Enjoy! IMG_7020

Seriously, so simple, so cute, & so affordable! Ava loves her bow holder and we keep ours in the bathroom. In the morning while she brushes her teeth, we fix her hair and then at night when she is brushing her teeth we put the bow or barrette back on the holder! It works out so well for us and keeps all her hair accessories nice and in one place! This would also make a great handmade gift for a mama expecting a little girl!


Sweet and Sassy {Z2 Wear Review}

Tween [tw-een]
girl ages about 9-14…too old for toys, but too young for boys.

Do you have a tween living in your home?  If you do then you have heard of Miley Cyrus, the Disney Channel is frequently on in your home, meaningless insults are said, words are spelled differently (lyk, dawg, rawk, kool), and pop music is playing constantly. If you can relate to these thing than you know how important tween clothing is!  Tweens love shopping and finding the cutest trends.  Looking cute is “super important” to any tween “trying to find themselves.”

imageZ2 Wear knows how important fashion is to tweens.  They offer a variety of high end girls clothes and accessories.  This is a brand new company that features hip and fashionable apparel.  This August they will launch their complete line, however, some things are available now.image

One thing that can be purchased right now is this simply fabulous Z2 Sack.  It is made from a lightweight indigo stripe denim fabric that is 100% cotton.  This hobo sack has crystals, bright pink stitching, side pockets, and an embroidered lime green and bright pink Z2 Wear logo.  This sak is SUPER cute!  It is both sweet and sassy.

Here are some more pictures for a complete 360 degree view:

P1020992 P1020993 P1020994 P1020995

It is the perfect size for a wallet, a water bottle, a notebook, lip gloss, anything you can imagine.  It is actually pretty large and spacious but not too huge for a tween.  The pockets are the perfect size for a cell phone…if your tween has one.  This sack can be used for a purse, a dance bag, a school bag, etc.  This is an all around great sack!  Retails for $78.image

It also comes in turquoise shark skin.  Fun huh!?  Retails for $82.


I know school just got out but before you know it it will be time to prepare to start again.  Get a jump on back-to-school shopping.  In fact, Z2 Wear is so excited about the launch of their wonderful products, they are offering free shipping!  A perfect way to kick off the back-to-school shopping experience.

Stop by and check out their entire line of amazingly cute products!

If you are interested in carrying this fun and trendy tween/teen fashion line or have additional questions contact

{Opinions posted in this review are 100% mine.  I was not compensated for this review.  Thank Z2 Wear for providing a Z2 Sack in Denim for this review.}Crissa

hair candy {Princess Couture Designs Giveaway} CLOSED


Hair candy, anyone?!

Princess Couture Designs was created by Michellene, a working mom who has a passion for hair accessories! Well that is if by passion you mean obsession. That’s a little more accurate. She started making hair bows for her beautiful daughter and decided she wanted to share her creations with everyone else. She loves making hair bows, it’s how she relaxes! Michellene’s inspiration comes from what she needs and he loves the look of a personalized bow to match a special outfit. She lives in the beautiful state of Utah with her wonderful husband (who puts up with her craft stuff being EVERYWHERE) and little princess. Besides making bows Michellene enjoys spending time with family, shopping, and watching reality TV.  ~Princess Couture Designs


I had so much fun looking through all of Michellene’s gorgeous creations at Princess Couture Designs. She definitely has a talent creating unique, stylish, and eye catching hair candy! We are not the giant, over-the-top bow wearing girls, so I love that along with some really fun big bows, she also offers really cute bows on clips & headbands in so many different styles! I had the hardest time choosing what we wanted, there are so many adorable sets…and she has even come out with more darling items since we ordered! You can browse through her already created sets or even contact her about a custom set! I am sure she would create something amazing to finish off an adorable ensemble! These clips are so sweet and so well made. Ava has been wearing one of her clips every day for the past few months and we haven’t had any problems with falling apart or loosing embellishments. They are very sturdy and have withstood the toddler test!

Princess Couture Designs is offering our readers an exclusive discount! Enter the discount code ‘Realmoms’ and get free shipping on orders over $20!

Today, Princess Couture Designs is giving away a $15 credit for already created sets or custom sets!

Want to enter to win some gorgeous hair candy for your little one?! Here’s how!

1st entry {mandatory} Visit Princess Couture Designs and take a look around. Come back and tell us your favorite hair accessory!

2 entries: Become a fan of Princess Couture Designs on Facebook!

3 entries: Become a follower of the Princess Couture Designs Blog!

5 entries: Make a purchase from Princess Couture Designs!

You have until June 18th @ 11:59 AM EDT to enter the giveaway. All giveaways are open to USA only. Winners will be chosen by and will be contacted by email after the giveaways close. The winner will then have 48 hours to claim their giveaway by email. If the winner does not claim their prize within their 48 hour period, a new winner will be chosen. *All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks Princess Couture Designs for providing the sample hair clips for this review. Amanda 1

big fashion for your little girl {matooka kids couture review}


Introducing Matooka Kids Couture , a new children’s clothing line designed for the discerning parent and the mini-fashionista. We know you’re going to love our attention to detail and the way we’ve combined fabrics and styles to create a line that speaks for itself. Our goal is to bring the Matooka look to as many little girls as possible. Matooka Kids Couture was created by two women who happened to be neighbors. Daniella and Yona are former lawyers and left their legal lives to launch Matooka in 2009.  Having six daughters between them, they wanted to create a line of clothing that both moms and daughters would fall in love with.  Little girls love fashion just as much as a teenager or a grown woman does. Their goal was to create something fashionable and contemporary but at the same time, still playful and sweet like little girls should be.  ~Matooka Kids Couture

cutie I couldn’t have been more excited when I found out we were going to be sent an outfit matooka3 from Matooka Kids Couture to review. My girl and I love clothes, especially something fresh & fashionable! Ava was sent the most fabulous turquoise shirt and white ruffle skirt from Matooka’s Spring 2010 Let Loose Collection! It is such an adorable outfit   when paired together, but I also like to mix and match the pieces with other favorites already in her bursting closet! The shirt is super soft and has the most darling silk ribbon run through the neckline and the skirt is layers upon layers of white ruffles, adding just the right frill to any outfit! Perfection! Ava loves wearing her skirt…she wants to wear it all.the.time! Every time we are out and about in our Matooka Couture, we get so many compliments, she always looks so fabulous! I am loving the new Fall 2010 line recently released, SO CUTE! Seriously, you have to check it out…I see holiday outfits galore!

View matooka

Matooka Kids Couture proudly donates 10% of their profits to research in infertility and to families undergoing costly assisted reproductive treatments. Such an amazing cause to be a part of!

Don’t forget to read about Matooka and keep up with the latest by visiting their Facebook page!

Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks Matooka Kids Couture for providing the sample Skirt and Shirt for this review. Amanda%20[1]

Tu-Tu Cute {Just For Me Baby}

il_430xN_120741622 I am an Etsy lover! I think it is such a fabulous place to shop! You can find all things vintage and handmade…pretty much find anything your little heart desires! And I love buying handmade! Just for Me Baby is an etsy shop full of original, handmade products made by a stay at home mama of two beautiful boys. A love for “little ones” inspired this mother to dress, snuggle and doll them up! There are several adorable pettiskirt designs as well as super cute headbands. Feel free to be picky when ordering items,  Just for Me Baby loves personalizing any item to fit your personality!


Just for Me Baby sent my daughter the most adorable green pettiskirt! I have always loved pettiskirts, but have never wanted to pay the big bucks to get one! Just for Me Baby offers an affordable and equally as adorable option! I love photography and see these skirts all over the place in the children’s photography world; so excited to have one to use! The bright green material is so pretty and soft and it looks so darling on Ava. She loves to dance and twirl in her “princess skirt” {that is the name she has affectionately given to it!}. I think she has had it on every day since it arrived in the mail! It is really great quality and I just love that it is handmade!

To keep up with Just for me baby, become a fan on Facebook!

Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks Just For Me Baby for providing the sample pettiskirt for this review. Amanda 1

Too Cute to be Boys! {Girl Gotch Giveaway} CLOSED

logo It is so exciting and such a milestone to get your daughter potty trained and finally into those super adorable big girl panties! Then you realize that in all their cuteness, your squirmy girl is now squirming for a different reason…these wonderful big girl panties don’!

Rebecca Winterhalt came across this very same dilemma while potty training her daughter in 2008. Rebecca found that there was a lack of quality products on the market. Most underwear seemed to ‘ride-up’ or be really uncomfortable. She stumbled upon a solution on day after her daughter had an accident and had to borrow some of her nephew’s underwear. She discovered they fit just right! She then decided to design her own “Girl Gotch”! Girl Gotch underwear was created in the fashion on the original boys brief and boxer but made ‘too cute to be boys’. Rebecca has been working with designers and manufactures to get what she believes are the best girls underwear on the market!

cuteI was so excited to receive panties from Girl Gotch for my Ava to try! As you know we’ve been potty training and she is doing so awesome! I have been thinking it’s time I put all my faith in her and go all panties all the time! I know she can do it! She spends time every day in them and does really well. It’s just so final…no more diapers! That’s a good thing…a GREAT thing! So I have bought her several pairs of big girl panties to wear and they all seem to be a little uncomfortable for her. She is always pulling at them, wiggling around in them, and they always seem to ride up on her. When I stumbled across Girl Gotch I knew they could be our answer. They offer two styles: the Brief and the Boxer {yes, for girls!}. The brief is inspired by the original ”tighty whitey“, they have taken the style and made it to be all girl. They feature a one inch covered elastic pic waistband and material binding around the legs. the Boxers are great to wear under skirts or for sports. Or your daughter may just prefer this style for everyday, you never know! They looked so sturdy and with both fantastic designs I was hoping one of them would work for us. Turns out they both do! Yay! When I first pulled them out of the box Ava immediately wanted to put them on {good sign!} and kept telling me they were pretty :) . As she was getting into them, I couldn’t help but notice how thick and soft the fabric was…none of the paper thin material so many of her other pairs are made of! The briefs are super adorable with their bright colors and white edging and the boxers, well, who doesn’t love a toddler bum in boxer briefs?! So, so cute! These big girl panties are definitely the way to go! She is loving wearing them and I can tell she is totally comfortable in them. No more pulling and squirming!

proudcanadaToday, Girl Gotch is giving away 1 box of Girl Gotch! {winner must specify color, size and style} box2

Want to Enter to win? Here’s how!

1st Entry {Mandatory} Visit Girl Gotch and check out the styles! Come back and tell us which is your favorite!

1 Entry: Subscribe to Real Moms Real Views in a Reader, by Google friends connect, or by email.

2 Entries: Join Girl Gotch & AGE on Facebook!

3 Entries: Vote for “Ava” find out how here.

5 Entries: Make a purchase from Girl Gotch.

You have until March 11th @ 11:59 AM EDT to enter the giveaway. All giveaways are open to USA only. Winners will be chosen by and will be contacted by email after the giveaways close. The winner will then have 48 hours to claim their giveaway by email. If the winner does not claim their prize within their 48 hour period, a new winner will be chosen. *All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thanks Girl Gotch for providing the sample Boxers & Briefs for this review. Amanda 1

The Darling Daughter Giveaway {CLOSED}

ddlogo When I first found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, I imagined myself getting my sweet baby all dolled up for outings with ruffles, bows, jewelry; everything frilly and girly! If you love to accessorize your girl, you have to check out The Darling Daughter! You will find hair bows and bracelets for all occasions, including weddings, baby showers, holidays, and they can be made to match any outfit! Custom orders are welcome and they are no additional charge! The Darling Daughter is overflowing with all things girly; adorable hair bows and accessories! You will most definitely find the perfect accessory for your little princess! sheer_black_1

The Darling Daughter sent me several different bows and an adorable brown hat with a pink flower! Everything was so stinkin’ cute! Ava has never been a “big bow” girl, she usually just wears barrettes or little clips to hold her bangs out of her face. I love that The Darling Daughter offers bows of all sizes, something for everyone! The Little Black Bows look so cute in her piggy tails or even just one clipped in her hair holding her hair back! They dressed up several of her outfits over the holidays!


And since she just recently became a big sister, I couldn’t resist this Big Sister bow! It is so cute with the layered pink and white ribbon and looks adorable! I chose to have all the bows put on alligator clips, but you can also get them on french style clips, whichever you prefer!


I think this funky crochet hat has to be one of my favorite items! It is so stylish and the flower just adds that extra touch of fun!{of course, ava had to have a pink flower!} It is perfect for pictures and Ava loves to wear it. It goes with so many of her outfits!

You can also find darling bracelets! You can even get them personalized with your daughter’s name, or whatever you want! So pretty! The bracelets feature genuine Swarovski crystals, glass cat-eye beads, genuine fossil beads, Czech glass, sterling silver rounded alphabet blocks, pewter beads, and more! All child accessories include a spring ring clasp and extender chain so they grow with your girls and you get a comfortable and perfect fit.

The Darling Daughter is offering an exclusive discount to our readers! Enter the Discount code: age20 at check out and get 20% off your bow order total. This is available January 6-12th…get those orders in!

Today, The Darling Daughter is giving away $20 towards any bows, infant headbands, or crochet hat of your choice. Custom orders are welcome as well!

Want to enter to win? Here’s how!

1st Entry {mandatory} Visit The Darling Daughter and have a look around! Come back and tell us your favorite pretty product!

2 Entries: Follow The Darling Daughter and AGE on Facebook!
2 Entries: Grab our new AGE button and add it to your blog! {make sure to leave us the link!}
1 Entry each-Follow AGE by reader, email, or Google friends.

3 Entries-Vote for AGE over at the Web’s Top Giveaway Blog Contest! (1 entry per IP Address)

5 Entries: Make a purchase from The Darling Daughter!

Click here to refresh entry form.


You have until January 13th @ 11:59 a.m. EDT to enter the giveaway. All giveaways are open to USA only. Winners will be chosen by and will be posted on the winners board after the giveaway close. The winning entry will be verified before announcement. The winners will then have 48 hours to claim their giveaway items. If the winner does not claim their prize within their 48 hour period, a new winner will be chosen. *All entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to choosing a winner. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly our own. We were not paid for this post. Thank you The Darling Daughter for providing the samples of the hair bows and hat for review.

Amanda 1

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