Dona Jo Fitwear


I am loving all this new active wear I am discovering online...who knew there was such an wide variety of amazing gear available; I mean, it's like a ... [ Read More ]

Diapering Dads


I love that my husband is willing to help our with our son as much as he does.  Beckham will go hang out with Dad at work so I can hit the gym, go to ... [ Read More ]

Kid’s Got Style

Beckham in Firebrand bibdana

I love when my little boy looks like a little dude.  Beckham is 22 months old now and that little personality comes out more and more every day.  When ... [ Read More ]

Rhonda Shear Intimates


I completed my 90 day challenge friends! Yes, 90 days exercising 6 days of the week with one rest day. It has been quite a journey and the awesome ... [ Read More ]

Jewels fit for a Queen


Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're anything like me, you're already keeping an eye out for the perfect gift for your mama! There ... [ Read More ]

Color Your World


I love to watch the show Shark Tank.  I love that they feature small businesses that have a great idea and just need some financial backing.  There ... [ Read More ]

Honk Honk!

kirk honk

My family loves books. I'm happy to say that so far, I have successfully passed on my love of reading and learning through books to my own children. ... [ Read More ]

Safety on the go


It seems as soon as you find out you are pregnant you immediately start worrying about this little person growing inside you and this worry never goes ... [ Read More ]

Lookin’ Fabulous


So, it's official, I'm addicted to workout clothes. They can't be just any workout clothes though, they must be cute, comfortable, well made, and ... [ Read More ]

All Signs Point to—


Back in July my hubby became a K9 officer.  He has been a police officer for the last 4+ years and loves his job.  He has always taken every ... [ Read More ]

Dream Bag


Bag Lady; that's me. I definitely love a solid bag. Purses, backpacks, travel bags, luggage; I will search far and wide to find exactly what I'm ... [ Read More ]

Evolution of Smooth


A good lip balm is a necessity, especially during the winter months when it is extremely dry and my lips are easily chapped by the wind and weather. I ... [ Read More ]

Wear a Story


I love a good girls day; lunch with a dear friend, shopping, laughing, just a day to relax and recharge! I had the most fantastic girls day a few ... [ Read More ]