Dye to Die For


When I run races, I want to wear a shirt that stands out.  I remember my races according to what I wore for the race.  I want to wear something that ... [ Read More ]

Inquisitive Playthings


One thing that is important to me is to do something educational each day.  Whether I am teaching Beckham the alphabet, showing him bugs, helping him ... [ Read More ]

Smells like home…


Every home has a smell...and there is nothing better than walking into a home and smelling fresh baked cookies, cakes, flowers, or spices. These ... [ Read More ]

Look Good Feel Gorgeous


Y'all know I love cute workout clothes. Anything to get me excited about my workout is what I need. Today is day 87 of my second 90 Day challenge and ... [ Read More ]

Crazy Hair? Don’t Care!


It's no secret, I may have a small addiction to headbands.  I love them and wear them daily.  I have bands in every thickness and style.  I am not ... [ Read More ]

Drool Worthy


I have been a mom for a little over two years now and every day I am learning something new.  In the last two years I have learned how to soothe a ... [ Read More ]

Nursing in Style


One of my favorite things about having a newborn baby is nursing him.  I know that may sound funny but I love the bond that nursing provides between ... [ Read More ]

Sleep In Heavenly Peace


Christmas in July has been a real thing for me this year.  First, my son Blake was born on the 5th.  That is a pretty great present if you ask me.  ... [ Read More ]

Live Happy Magazine


I have been talking a lot about positivity and happiness this week in my posts; which I love! Every day I wake up and try to spend the days being ... [ Read More ]

Friendship Chords


Ava loves to be creative. She is always drawing, cutting, pasting, creating; anything and everything. She stays so busy and is constantly amazing me ... [ Read More ]

Delivery Day Style

mom and blake

On July 5th my son Blake was born!  Two weeks early but healthy and doing well! Before I headed to the hospital at 2:30 AM, I hurried and jumped ... [ Read More ]

Fitmark Bags


  Yes, I love bags. I admit it. A sturdy workout bag can be tricky to come by. You need something roomy, functional, and easy to carry. Next ... [ Read More ]