Nature’s Best Yoga Mat


I am on a fitness journey. It may not be perfect; two steps forward, one step back, but it's real and I'm a work in progress. I recently went through ... [ Read More ]

Ah Shucks!


As a midwest girl I have seen several green and yellow tractors in my days.  These John Deere beauties are a staple on farms.  They represent ... [ Read More ]

Sonnet James {Play More}


I first introduced y'all to Sonnet James last year when I fell in love with their stylish and playful dresses; perfect for a playful mama. Recently, ... [ Read More ]

Handmade With Love


Nothing makes me happier than supporting a business who is doing good.  I like when I find a company who is giving back to cancer research, helping ... [ Read More ]

The Queen’s Treasures

photo 3

On Ava's 6th Birthday we had the most amazing girls-day-out with both of her grandmother's. We took an unforgettable trip to one of the largest doll ... [ Read More ]

The Blissful Body Shop


You all know that I love finding personal shops that offer incredible products; the types of products that are so special and unique that for now they ... [ Read More ]

My Little Pony: The Movie


When I was a little girl I vividly remember my obsession with My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie, Flutterby; I had way too many favorites to name and they all ... [ Read More ]

Pump Up The Jams!


At our house we LOVE music!  We sing and dance all the time.  Every time we get in the car we sing.  Lately Beckham only wants to listen to a few ... [ Read More ]

Shh! Shh! Shh!


As a mother I say a lot of the same things over and over and over.  "Sit down and eat."  "Please don't yell." "Pick up your toys." "No."  One thing ... [ Read More ]

B Ukneeque


Just like that we are through the holidays and into January 2015! We all want to look and feel our best this new year, including our kiddos! B ... [ Read More ]