Lucy Activewear

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Since returning to teaching a month ago, life has truly been a whirlwind. We are all adjusting but it has definitely been just that; an enormous ... [ Read More ]

Lip Smack-tacular

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Experimenting with makeup is so fun.  I love trying out new products, new colors, and new methods of getting pretty.  Sometimes products can get ... [ Read More ]

Perfect Party Favors


When it is birthday time, we like to do it right.  Since my kids were little, we have had themed birthday parties.  We love finding games, decorations ... [ Read More ]

Catch That!

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My boys and I spend our fair share of time in the car.  Whether it is running to the store or going to Grandma's, we put miles on our tires daily.  ... [ Read More ]

Dye to Die For


When I run races, I want to wear a shirt that stands out.  I remember my races according to what I wore for the race.  I want to wear something that ... [ Read More ]

Inquisitive Playthings


One thing that is important to me is to do something educational each day.  Whether I am teaching Beckham the alphabet, showing him bugs, helping him ... [ Read More ]

Smells like home…


Every home has a smell...and there is nothing better than walking into a home and smelling fresh baked cookies, cakes, flowers, or spices. These ... [ Read More ]

Look Good Feel Gorgeous


Y'all know I love cute workout clothes. Anything to get me excited about my workout is what I need. Today is day 87 of my second 90 Day challenge and ... [ Read More ]

Crazy Hair? Don’t Care!


It's no secret, I may have a small addiction to headbands.  I love them and wear them daily.  I have bands in every thickness and style.  I am not ... [ Read More ]

Drool Worthy


I have been a mom for a little over two years now and every day I am learning something new.  In the last two years I have learned how to soothe a ... [ Read More ]

Nursing in Style


One of my favorite things about having a newborn baby is nursing him.  I know that may sound funny but I love the bond that nursing provides between ... [ Read More ]

Sleep In Heavenly Peace


Christmas in July has been a real thing for me this year.  First, my son Blake was born on the 5th.  That is a pretty great present if you ask me.  ... [ Read More ]