Feel Inspired


I have set some big fitness goals this year, continuing on from 2014. I recently celebrated my  one year "fitaversary"! I can't believe it's been a ... [ Read More ]

Montiel Athletic


As y'all know I have been focusing on my fitness and nutrition for the past year and am excited to continue improving in these areas in 2015! I made ... [ Read More ]

Running into 2015!


Happy New Year!!! I hope all of y'all have had a fantastic holiday season and are excited about a new beginning in 2015. I spent last year trying to ... [ Read More ]

Luna Jai Athletic


Y'all know how important fitness is to me. You have seen me make it a priority these past 9 months and I have been getting stronger {and smaller} by ... [ Read More ]



Since I started working, I have found that I snack more than I did when I was home all day long.  When I was home, I would eat better meals and would ... [ Read More ]

Get Dry Quick!

towel head

Sweating it such a great feeling.  Sweat in your eyes, not such a great feeling.  Sweat in your mouth, just plain sick!  Don't get me wrong, I love ... [ Read More ]

Lucy Activewear

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Since returning to teaching a month ago, life has truly been a whirlwind. We are all adjusting but it has definitely been just that; an enormous ... [ Read More ]

Sweating in Sassy Pants


There are something that you just can't get enough of.  Chocolate. Shoes. Clothes. Massages. Ice Cream...to name a few.  One thing that I could buy ... [ Read More ]

Perfect Party Favors


When it is birthday time, we like to do it right.  Since my kids were little, we have had themed birthday parties.  We love finding games, decorations ... [ Read More ]

Perfectly Polka Dots


If you saw the review I posted yesterday, then you know that I stress for the perfectly perfect running outfit when I race.  It's a whole ... [ Read More ]

6 Pack Fitness


Life has really been speeding up around here. After spending 7 years at home raising my two littles, I am returning to work this fall. After a few ... [ Read More ]

Stay Cool…Wear Bamboo


Now that Blake is here I can't wait to get working out again.  I miss the gym.  I miss the sweat.  I miss running up the canyon.  I miss me time.  I ... [ Read More ]

Look Good Feel Gorgeous


Y'all know I love cute workout clothes. Anything to get me excited about my workout is what I need. Today is day 87 of my second 90 Day challenge and ... [ Read More ]