Dona Jo Fitwear


I am loving all this new active wear I am discovering online...who knew there was such an wide variety of amazing gear available; I mean, it's like a ... [ Read More ]

Lookin’ Fabulous


So, it's official, I'm addicted to workout clothes. They can't be just any workout clothes though, they must be cute, comfortable, well made, and ... [ Read More ]

Look Hot…and Sweaty


When you go to the gym everyday, you need to look cute.  I feel like the cuter you look, the less you have to work---yeah right!!  If I truly believed ... [ Read More ]

Dream Bag


Bag Lady; that's me. I definitely love a solid bag. Purses, backpacks, travel bags, luggage; I will search far and wide to find exactly what I'm ... [ Read More ]

Shine on


Health and Fitness. That is most definitely my personal focus right now. I am trying so hard to put my health and wellness at the top of the list and ... [ Read More ]

Alternative to Lipo


I don't feel like I am that different from most moms.  I love my kids and hubby to death...they are the #1 priority.  It means that what I want ... [ Read More ]

Show Your Triumph!


Race morning is one of my most favorite times.  It is the day where you see how hard you have really worked at your goals.  You don't get nearly ... [ Read More ]

Healthy on the go


Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge; many days I'm out running errands, attending teacher trainings or volunteering at my ... [ Read More ]

Hot Looking Arm Candy!!


Over the last 18 months, I have become addicted. The first step is admitting it, right??  I am ADDICTED to running, sweating, and maybe racing.  I am ... [ Read More ]

Relax. Reflect. Rebound.


Day 53 ladies; that's 53 days solid on my exercise routine! I am down several pounds, even more inches, and am feeling really great! This is the ... [ Read More ]

Wonderful Workout Wear


My love for working out is no secret.  I have always loved working out, but in 2013 when I learned how to workout more efficiently I fell in love with ... [ Read More ]

Live Life in Good Form


With fitness making it's way back into my life I am really taking the time to explore and rediscover old favorites as well as new uncharted options in ... [ Read More ]