Right Before Your Eyes

mike and sully

I love one-of-a-kind companies.  The kind of companies you can spot their products from a mile away.  When you don't have to ask where someone got it ... [ Read More ]

Thicker, Longer Lashes


This review contains a MAKEUP MUST HAVE!  This is a must read review!!!  You can thank me later :) If you could take one bag of things with you ... [ Read More ]



Oh my goodness y'all! I can't believe I'll be having to put on make up, fix my hair, and put on real pants every day to go to a big girl job! It's ... [ Read More ]

Crazy Hair? Don’t Care!


It's no secret, I may have a small addiction to headbands.  I love them and wear them daily.  I have bands in every thickness and style.  I am not ... [ Read More ]



Y'all know my story by now; I was never really taught how to apply make up so through my 20's and now even into my 30's I am still figuring things ... [ Read More ]

City Cosmetics


Skin care is incredibly important. My mom may not have had a lot of knowledge regarding make up application {believe me, I was on my own to figure ... [ Read More ]

Pregnancy Glow


I went in for a facial at the beginning of my pregnancy.  When the esthetician asked what I wanted to achieve I told her, "I want to look like I have ... [ Read More ]

Serious Hair Repair


My hair is difficult to work with.  I have fine strands, although a decent amount of it, that is wavy underneath and straight on top......hello, ... [ Read More ]

Relaxation is in the air!

PicMonkey Collage1

Cold winter temperatures have hung around far too long for my liking here in Texas this year.  Actually, I think the whole US has experienced rather ... [ Read More ]

Dress Up Your Darlings


April is the definition of Divalicious!!  She is always adding a scarf, bow, and earrings.  She always looks amazing and totally put together.  She ... [ Read More ]