Beautiful Nutrition


Happy Mother's Day!  It's our special day to relax and reflect on how great it is to be a momma (....and how tough, too :)).  What better way to ... [ Read More ]

VO5 Reaches for A Star!


Famous for creating a hair conditioning oil treatment to keep the starlet's of Hollywood looking chic back in the 1950's, Alberto VO5 is still alive ... [ Read More ]

Facial Gymnastics


Do you know there are 50 muscles that make up the structure of the human face?  I had no idea.  It makes sense then, that if the face is full of ... [ Read More ]

i love evoli


I love trying bath and beauty products.  I love new scents, new colors, and new results.  When it comes to my boys though I am a little but more ... [ Read More ]

Shine On!


New from Alberto VO5; Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil What better time is there than the heart of winter to try a new product formulated to deliver ... [ Read More ]



Long luscious lashes are every girls dream.  We curl them, put extensions on them, and put mascara on them.  The longer and thicker the better.  Am I ... [ Read More ]

End the Splits


Fine hair like mine has a tendency to break and split, especially at the end of the hair follicle.  With split ends my hair looks "fly away" and not ... [ Read More ]

Hair looking hot!!


I have been using my Living Proof PhD hair care products for a few weeks now. I have to say I am loving the results. Using the Perfect Hair Day ... [ Read More ]

Beauty Tips and Tricks


Being a busy mommy of 2, I find that I don't always have a lot of time for myself.  When I do have time for myself I have to make the most of it.  If ... [ Read More ]

Hair Help!


My hair is no stranger to hard times. There are times I just want to cut it short to avoid fighting it.  Oh how I wish it was sleek and smooth. It ... [ Read More ]

Skincare For Your Tween


During adolescence hormones make young developing bodies go haywire.  Your sweet little angel child begins to have mood swings and all sorts of ... [ Read More ]

Blown Over!


High maintenance beauty routines are not in my nature.  I definitely want to look presentable everyday, but my time as a mom is better spent ... [ Read More ]