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Did you know July is Family Reunion Month?

     In honor of our family, my mom and I created a collection of favorite recipes that have been staples at our family gatherings, parties and reunions through the years.  With the help of Tastebook, our recipes have been combined into a wonderful, professional looking cookbook.  Now our family recipes are preserved for generations to come!

I love the idea of Tastebook customized cookbooks!  Unlike the slew of cookbooks lining my pantry shelf that only get pulled out for a few specific recipes (despite their large quantity of pages), Tastebook lets me design a cookbook that only has my most liked recipes in it.  It’s sort of like the iTunes of cookbooks.  Just add what you want, eliminate what you don’t want.  Vegetarian?  Take out the meat/poultry sections.  Have a diabetic family member?  Add a sugar free section.  Plus, Tastebook was created to be adaptable, in a binder format, where additional recipes can be added in the future when you discover new favorites or change tastes.

 I enjoyed spending time with my mom gathering up recipes.  She has a very large family, so she began with a text shoutout asking everyone to contribute.  I included my in -law family as well.  We were thrilled with the positive feedback from everyone wanting to be a part of our memory preserving venture.  As recipes started coming in, we logged into our Tastebook account and added them, noting in which category they belonged, ingredient list, instructions and even some descriptions with history of where the recipe came from.  After the fact, I realized I could have also “invited” friends to join and they could have put in their recipes, sharing them with me as a group.  I’ll be keeping this in mind for the next one!  I set up a “collection” titled “In the Genes” which would later become the title of our Tastebook.  After all 68 family recipes were entered, we made our own cookbook!

Order confirmation said expect 10-14 days for processing, however I received our Tastebook within a week.  It looked great!  For the cover I selected a picture of old recipe papers, but there were 11 other images to chose from.  The binder cover is sturdy and has 26 plastic expandable rings that hold all the pre-punched recipes pages.  One of my favorite parts of this cookbook is the inclusion of family photos.  I uploaded pictures of the person who gave us the recipe directly onto their recipe.  You can upload pics of food dishes of course, but this personal touch turns it into a keepsake.  My kiddos can see what their great great grandma looked like who created that yummy peanut butter fudge recipe I make during the holidays!

Currently, Tastebook runs $34.95, and includes the binder with 50 recipes pages, table of contents, chapter title pages, measuring guide and custom dedication page.   Additional recipes are .29 cents each.   If you order 3 or more books, shipping is free to one location.

      Tastebook’s website has a wealth of recipe collections you can browse.  Anything and everything; waiting for you to add to your personalized digital recipe collection.  Simply join for free and get collecting.  Once you’ve got your can’t live without recipes together, create your own cookbook!  Or make one to give as a Christmas, wedding or house warming gift.    For those hosting a family reunion, what better favor to pass out than a cookbook filled with all your family favorites!!


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