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logo3When I was young, one of my tasks to help my mom in the kitchen was greasing baking pans for cakes and breads.  I would dip a paper towel into Crisco and spread it around, usually getting my fingers coated in the mess.  When cooking sprays came into the picture I thought they were genius.  With just the touch of a button, your pan was coated and hands were clean.  Two problems though; limited oil varieties in spray form, and they were aerosol…..which at the time contained CFC’s which are bad for the ozone.   Today, there are a wide variety of sprays, including those that are “organic”, and the CFC’s are gone, but there is still a question of the chemicals used to produce propellants.  Such chemicals may be harmful to our health.  There is also a gross build up that can get on pans when using aerosol cooking oils over time.

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photo 4I’ve got a solution to the aerosol version that I’m happily embracing; EVO Oil Sprayer from Harold Import Co.  EVO allows me to choose whichever oil my heart desires, and change it out whenever I want.  I like experimenting with different oils and had recently purchased an extra virgin Spanish olive oil, so I poured it into my EVO (which holds up to 18oz) using the included funnel.  To use the funnel, I pushed it onto the EVO bottleneck and poured my olive oil in.  When finished I pulled off the funnel and twisted the sprayer on.  Since the EVO bottle is BPA , latex, and DEHP free, I know I won’t have these leaching into my oil.  With a tinted color it has a line of protection from direct light, keeping my oil’s make-up in tact.

PicMonkey Collage1Using the EVO Oil Sprayer is very simple.  Just twist the nozzle to the picture that denotes spray and pull the ergonomic trigger.  The oil sprays out in a fan shape.  I thought it came out sort of heavy rather than a mist, so I was careful with my aim.  I really like the fact that I know I’m spraying the pure oils I’m purchasing.  If I decide to change oils out, or even add a vinegar, it’s not a problem.  I can hand wash in warm soapy water (bottle is dishwasher safe, but I think it’s better to use a bottle brush and hand clean it), rinse thoroughly, and add my new oil.  Included with the EVO oil sprayer are label bands with different words, like “peanut oil”, “balsamic vinegar” and “canola oil” written on them that once placed around the bottle neck identify what you have inside.  My EVO is my go to for cooking now!  If using for baking, I’ll still have to spread the oil a bit with a paper towel for even coating, but I have the benefit of knowing I’m being environmentally friendly and avoiding chemicals!

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