smart leg wear

I love Kushyfoot!  I was converted a while ago when I received my first pair of Kushyfoot socks.  Kushyfoot socks are super comfy, super durable, and super stylish.  Well, they have done it again.  Kushyfoot is introducing their 2013 Fall/ Winter collection.  My mother and I teamed up to model some of their amazing products.  Check out our legs 

First up is the Opaque Knee Length trouser socks.  They come in a 2 pack for just $7.99.  In this pack you will find a pair of fishnet and a pair of classic black.  As you can see the black trouser socks aren’t see through like some socks are.  The fishnet socks feature the  Kushyfoot reflexology-inspired sole.  This makes it more comfortable than classic fishnet sock because it is a solid sole rather than the fishnet on the bottom of your feet.  Although these are called “knee length”, they weren’t quiet knee length on either one of us.  (I have 9 1/2 feet and my mother has 8)  I would say they are more like upper calf length.

Next, the microfiber crew socks.  These come in single packs and are available in black, nude, and cream.  I received the black and cream.  My mother is modeling them nicely huh!? 🙂  these are featured on the Kushyfoot site as knee length but the word “crew” speaks to me as being a bit shorter.  They are shorter than the 2 pack shown first.  These were more like lower calf socks on my mom.  The black socks weren’t see through and the nude socks were more like a thick nylon…think dance tights.  She liked both of these and said they would go great with pants or floor length skirts.  They both have the zig zag bottom for comfy feet.  The only thing I didn’t like about them is the top seemed to roll down….I can’ just imagine that the roll would show under pants.

Next down the Kushyfoot runway, the Shaper Tights.  I received these in the black (left) and heather (right).  These are microfiber and very comfortable.  As you can see on the right, the soles feature the Kushyfoot zig zags for added comfort.  The top of the tights are reinforced to help suck in your tummy, hips, and thighs.  I don’t care how thin you are, every lady loves being sucked in a bit.  The nice thing is you can still breath in them.  You can even eat a big meal in them and they are still comfy.  They just give you some added support.  These are also available in  nude, grey (different than heather), navy, and brown.  These are tights, not leggings so they are a little see through.

Lastly, our favorites!  These are the fleeced lined tights and the fleece trouser socks.  These are HEAVENLY!!!  In my mom’s words, “These are like pajamas on my feet!”  Words cannot express how much I love these.  The tights aren’t see through at all…that is why I can wear them like leggings.  Unlike leggings they have feet, like tights!  This keeps your feet warm and keeps your “pants” from riding up your legs or looking slouchy.  The socks sit high on the calf and stay in place.  These would be great on a cold day under pants or even as boot socks!  Seriously, these are the best!  These are definitely getting a lot of wear this winter…and for the price these are a MUST HAVE!!!

Kushyfoot is pampering one lucky readers feet this fall with all the same socks and tights that I received….an 8 piece collection valued at $50!  Enter to win!


Kushyfoot is always Real Moms recommended!