rollin dough

Fall has arrived!  Both the official calendar date and the weather here in the south (ok, well maybe not quite….but low 80’s sure feels wonderful :)).  One of the first things I long to do when autumn says hello, is bake pies!  I grew up in the midwest where apples were prevalent, and cider mills were nearby.  My senses delight when I smell cider and donuts!  My momma would bake an apple pie as soon as we got home with our freshly picked bushels and I was in heaven.  Any of y’all relate?  My hubby loves pumpkin pie, so I made one of those as well.  My house sure did smell lovely!

Tovolo sent me a few items to help with my pies this year and even got me thinking about Halloween….which my friends, is now only 30 days away if you haven’t gotten your kiddo a costume yet.  Tovolo sent me their silicone Pastry Mat for use when rolling out my pie crust.  I love this mat!!  First off, it’s huge, at 24 3/4″ x 18″.  Ample space for making large crusts, rolling cookie dough or kneading bread.  I’ve had mats before that slide around, but not the case with Tovolo’s Pastry Mat.  It sticks to my granite counter nice and flat with an amazing grip.  I spread out my flour, placed my dough, started rolling, then stopped when I reached the 9″ size I wanted, using the guide printed on the Pastry Mat.  How simple; no guestimating size or using rulers.  There are a bunch of conversion charts printed on the mat, too, which I can foresee coming in handy.  Cleaning my Pastry mat, was relatively simple, I used a clean cloth to wipe it down then another to dry it off.  Since the mat is flexible, I rolled it up and placed it in my cabinet; great space-saving feature.  The Pastry Mat can also be used to bake on in the oven, however, I don’t have a pan quite that large to place it on.

Spatulart is so cool.  I want them in every holiday version!  Tovolo sent me their full size orange spider, mini frankenstein and mummy spatulas to assist me in stirring and scooping.  Aren’t they cute?  I usually decorate for fall rather than Halloween, however, I’ll be displaying these in my kitchen this month because I love their vivid colors and fun design.  My girls think they are totally neat and the mini spatulart is just perfect for my youngest daughter’s small hands to maneuver.  I adore having their help in the kitchen!  Each of the spatulart were well made.  I hate those spatulas that become loose at the handle and end up being tossed into the trash, but I can tell Tovolo’s feel sturdy and heavy duty with wooden handle and silicone flat paddle, so that won’t be a problem.  Look at these other holiday choices:

Thank you Tovolo for kickin’ off a fabulous fall season at my home!  Tovolo is REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!