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Like being one of the first people to know about the newest, latest, and greatest inventions for kids?  Well here is another one!!

Introducing…..Little Balance Box!

Be thankful for this mom and physical therapist using her intuition to create a new innovation for children learning to walk!

Meet Shannon Davis Mom of 2, PT and DPT, creator and inventor of the Little Balance Box – the sustainable, stable and proactive product that helps children learn how to transition from sit to kneel- to stand -to learning to walk! Now that is creating support to a favorite moment as a parent.

Take the incentive starting line to order the first run of production of her line on Monday, June 1st once it goes live on Kickstarter!!!

Sit, stand, push, walk –  thanks to her design, determination, background in therapy and valuable “tinkering” that brought this line to the market. You could think of her as a modern-day Tinkerbell supporting the transition for many babies and toddlers to learn to become mobile and safe inside their homes.

The Little Balance Box allows children to use their forearms in a variety of positions and from any direction to maximize stability and develop balance. The floating feet provided feedback during transitions from kneeling to standing and also allow the Little Balance Box to seamlessly move with your child across various surfaces such as carpet, tile, and wood.  This innovative solution can an also be used as a toddler table as the top surface is easy to clean and the raised frame helps keep items in place.

Little Balance Box special features:

Safe and Enviromentally Friendly-BPA and PVC Free and made from sustainable bamboo.

The Clear Top-Allows children to observe their legs and feet, which aids in the development of coordination.

Exciting Drum Top-The clear polycarbonate top produces a percussive sound when a child taps it, which teaches cause and effect.

Square Top-Allows maximum surface area for a variety of hand/arm positions from any direction and the raised frame lip provides grip during transitions.

Design-Creates a large base that increases stability while maintaining a small footprint. All corners are rounded so there are no sharp edges.

Contoured Nylon Feet-Glide easily across level carpet, wood, and tile without damaging the surfaces.

Dynamic Floating Feet-Up and down movement provides sensory input to develop coordination in muscles and joints.

Rounded Ergonomic Top Border-its easily into a child’s hand making it easier to maneuver.

Website: www.littlebalancebox.com



Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/InspiraSpark