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Back to school causes a lot of grief at our house.  Since my kids wear uniforms to school, we don’t really have to worry about clothes shopping.   Our stresses come from the important things like shoes and backpacks.  April, Austin and Hailee had no problem picking out the “perfect” bag.  Mia was a little more difficult.  She wanted a messenger bag, but something that was not like everyone else’s.  When we got the opportunity to get Mia her own personalized bag, she was all over it!  She and I logged onto O.riginals: Design and Stationary and her mind went wild.  She wanted every bag in every color.   O.riginals

We had to click through every tab and on every option to make sure Mia had found the bag of her dreams before ordering.   There are so many choices available…ballet, beach, school.  We decided school was the most practical choice, so that narrowed the selection down a little bit.  She really wanted a messenger bag, so we oped for the Pattern Messenger Bag.  Thought that would be the end of all of the choices??  WRONG!  Here is where the fun begins.  Mia was able to choose from 2 different fabrics, both darling.  She went with the stripes.  Then you can pick your cute little face!!  You get to make the cute little girl on the bag look like it’s owner!  I KNOW!!  You get to pick the skin color,  hair style, color, and accessory color.  You can even add your own personalization.  We went with just “Mia” (I am not sure how I feel about putting a last name on the bag that my daughter is going to be hauling around when I am not there–over protective, I know).  The ordering and personalizing was super easy, even fun!  Mia loved it!

And then it came…  

Back Pack Collage


Mia immediately fell in love with her new backpack!  The size of it is perfect for her!  It is big enough to hold everything that she needs for school, but not big enough to tip the poor girl over.  She loves that the girl on the front looks just like her and I like that the strap is adjustable and that the quality is amazing!  It’s a thick nylon fabric that is going to hold up forever.  In fact, within the first week of school, Mia wanted to save her chocolate milk and brought it home in her backpack and let it hang out all weekend–without her mother knowing.  Once we found the source of the vomit smell in my family room, we threw the bag in the washer and it came out perfect.  As good as new, without the stench!!

Not only does O.riginals have darling bags, they also have all kinds of  fun personalized gear.  Binders, stickers, beach towels, iPad/iPod cases, not to mention all of the fun sorority and uniform personalization options.  Kids always like to have things that are theirs, and anything you find and personalize on O.riginals is guaranteed to be a fave!



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