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One thing that my kids and I have all liked to do together is bake.  I used to bake a few times a week.  We always had goodies and sweets around the house.  When I wasn’t baking, I was making a yummy dinner.  Now that I work, making and baking have become a rarity at my house.  I still enjoy doing these things, but after I work a 10 hour day making cookies is the last thing on my mind.  Maybe because I don’t do it nearly as much as I used to, my kids like to help more when I do cook.  My big kids are all amazing helpers.  They are old enough that I use cooking as a learning tool.  I have them help me double recipes using their math to figure out fractions.  But my little Mia is just thrilled to get the opportunity to dump the sugar in.  I am still trying to convince myself that she can help with the eggs…that’s her favorite ingredient to add.    When I was given the chance to review a mother/daughter set of matching apron’s, I jumped right on it.  I thought it would be another excuse to get my little lady in the kitchen with me.  Memento has it exactly right when they say “Monograms Make it Personal.”

Memento Collage I let Mia pick out the pattern of the cupcakes so I would be sure that she would like it.  Her first choice was the Aqua Circus Cupcake.  I fell in love with it almost as quick as her!  The Aqua Circus was her first choice, but the Pink Apron Yummy Dot was a close 2nd.  I love that the cupcake applique is so bright and colorful!  The top of the cup cake is 2 different shades of aqua embroidered in a coordinating aqua thread.  The bottom of the cupcake is a fun bright pattern that is embroidered in brown.  Both the top and the bottom of the cupcake have decorative embroidery on them to make them POP and look even more amazing.    The apron itself is great quality.  The woman’s apron has an adjustable strap behind the neck and two long ties to tie behind the back.  The little girls apron does not have the adjustable neck strap but the ties are plenty long to get around their little waists.  Both aprons have pockets across the front.  Directly above the pocket it a fun coordinating ribbon that adds a little more personality to your apron.  The ordering is SUPER easy.  Once you have picked out your pattern, you get to pick a thread color (coordinating shades have been pre picked for you) and add your “name.”  The font that is used is darling!  Swirly and fun to match the cuppy cakes!

pumpkin roll collage I got Mia to help me make some delish pumpkin rolls so we could try out our aprons.  She thought she was pretty amazing while the two of us were in our matching mother/daughter aprons!  Not only did our pumpkin rolls turn out AMAZING, but we looked freaky cute while we were making them.  Mia loved wearing her apron and wants to wear it almost like a bib because she wants to wear it all the time!

Memento’s has all kinds of fun gifts to give this holiday season.  If aprons aren’t your thing, maybe the monogrammed riding boots, knee highs, nail art, scarves, hats, robes, jewelry, clothes, or bags are.  I guarantee that if you pick something special for your someone special, they will be sure to love it and think of you when ever they use it.

You Could WIN a Matching Mother/Daughter Apron Set!



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  1. 14

    Chelsea R says

    I also like the swirly cupcake design, but if I had to choose another it would be polka dot

  2. 19

    Ashley turicik says

    I would choose the mommy and me matching personalized apron set with yummy dot cupcake

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