Merry stirring mice holiday gifts 2014

We love to read and even more so around the holidays. There are so many amazing children’s books to get through and we definitely have a lot of favorites and have even added a few more this holiday season. Merry Stirring Mice , by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer, is a new favorite and at the top of our list this year!

Find out what really goes on the night before Christmas in this delightful turnaround on the claim “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!” ~Merry Stirring Mice

My two get incredibly excited about new books. They are both bookworms and we can’t go to bed until we have snuggled up together and read at least three stories…and then they continue to ask for more. I especially love sharing holiday stories with my children. I have favorites from my childhood and we have added a few new favorites over the years together. Merry Stirring Mice is a new favorite this year and we have enjoyed several reads together over the past few weeks. It’s just a darlilng story about a precious mouse family on Christmas Eve. My two loved reading about their holiday preparations and the beautiful and colorful illustrations really are  fantastic. This book is so adorable and I’m so happy we have been able to share it this holiday season! It definitely belongs on every child’s bookshelf!

Not many people know about the secret part of Santa’s team. Watch Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse show their kids – Max and his little sister Molly – how to prepare for the MAN. “Help your sister stir the candy cane mix,” Mama Mouse begins. Soon come the sugarplums, the candy canes, and finally the note that says “For Santa.” “Merry Stirring Mice” is a treat for parents and children to share, with plenty of new territory to be contemplated: What are the twinkies? How does Santa get down the chimney? How do the stockings get stuffed? What is a magic mouse ladder? And lo and behold, there’s even a mouse version of the traditional story, “The Morning of Christmas!” Children also will enjoy searching for the mischievous spider capering through all the illustrations (he’s never mentioned in the written story), and seeing if they can find his name.

Merry Stirring Mice is Real Mom Recommended!