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As I child I always loved finding just the right present to get my parents.  For Christmas I would give my mom the huge jingle bell on a red string that I knew she was dying to have.  I would pick out a tie for my dad almost every Father’s Day…I know he needed more.  Then as I got older I learned that I had been giving junk but my parents never complained.  My mom wore that jingle bell with pride.  Now I know the meaning of a real thoughtful present but now it is also harder to find something that my parents, sisters, in laws, etc. can actually use and want.  Now they just buy themselves whatever they want.  Well listen up, because I have the prefect place for you to find affordable, usable, and desirable gifts….for others or yourself!

Temple Stamping

Temple Stamping is an Etsy shop run by Rachel out of Temple, Texas.  She specializes in hand stamped jewelry at an affordable price.  I am sure we have all experienced expensive hand stamped pieces.  She has a SUPER FAST turn around time.  I mean, she works on your order the day you place it!  She will even work with you to create a custom piece if she doesn’t have what you are looking for.  She will even try to make the wallet breaking items in a cheaper version so you can have just what your little heart desires.  Her items are perfect for fundraisers, charity, squads, teams, dance classes, etc.  She really works hard to please her customers.

Rachel sent me the most amazing necklace.  In fact, when I opened it I got teary eyed.  When I showed it to my hubby I got choked up.  As I am typing I am getting teary eyed.  Let me show you what I received.

There is this boy...

Isn’t it the best?!  I tugs at my heart strings because I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy.  It took us 18 months to conceive; that was really tough for me.  I went through so many stages…#1-”OOO!  We are getting pregnant any day!”  #2-”It is okay.  Keep on trying.”  #3-”What is wrong with me?” #4- “Why would God give a 16 year old a baby to dump in the trash when I am going to be a great mom and I can’t get pregnant?”  #5-”Fine.  If I am not getting pregnant I am going to lose weight.”  Boom!  Pregnant.  I was thrilled!  I love staying him with my little rugrat and watch him learn so much.  He is so perfect.  God knew what he was doing when he sent him to me.  Talk about a lucky lady.  This is why I love this necklace so much.  Beckham really has stolen my heart.  I don’t know what I would do if I lost him or never had him.  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that I can now have the title of mom.  Nothing is better than slobbery kisses, tight cuddles, and silly giggles.

These are the type of pieces Temple Stamping has.  Ones that mean something.  Ones that tug at your heart.  Ones that are cherished.  There is something for everyone….college kids, high school graduates, missionary moms, LDS missionaries, families going through adoption or infertility, athletes, people who have an angel watching over them, and Mormons and other Christians.  See!  Something for everyone!  As I said before, everything is affordable.  The necklace I received was only $19.99.  (I am allergic to nickle and do not have any problems wearing this necklace.)  Other products range from $4.99 to $29.99, all great prices for personalized pieces.

something for everyoneRight now Temple Stamping has some products on sale and super sale!  Run over and check them out.  I did!  Here is what I just ordered for $7.99!!!  That is a killer deal for a personalized eternity bracelet.  It will look awesome this fall when I am layering my bracelets.


Today, Temple Stamping is giving one lucky reader a $15 credit to their shop!

Temple Stamping is Real Moms RECOMMENDED!!

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  1. 1

    shelly peterson says

    I like the Sterling Silver Custom Personalized Hand Stamped Heart pendant with Baby Feet charm and Blue Bead Necklace

  2. 2

    Camille M says

    Cute stuff! I love that cowboy hat, even though my style isn’t really ‘western’. I want to be!

  3. 4

    Heather! says

    I like the ‘To Infinity and Beyond’, but I would love to get the leather infinity bracelet you show here! LOVE that…but I couldn’t find it at the shop.

  4. 6

    Jennifer Reed says

    I think I would pick the Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Washer Necklace with colored beads from the Temple Stamping etsy shop.

  5. 9

    Shakeia Rieux says

    I love the Sisters Hand Stamped Bronze
    Sisters Hand Stamped Bronze
    Necklace Side by side or miles apart
    we are sisters connected at the heart

  6. 12

    Sarah VM says

    I would pick the Love is Louder Custom Hand Stamped Silver Heart Necklace With Rhinestone Heart Charm.

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