Know These Pros and Cons Before Choosing a Metal Roof

Whether your existing roof required repairs or you are putting a roof on a new home, there are various materials available. But no matter what roof tile you have metal roofs are the most attractive, cost-efficient option because of their energy, efficiency, minimal maintenance and longevity. When you are choosing between the metal roofand other types of material you should be aware of what you are spending for. Before you decide to go for a metal roof here are some pros and cons of metal roof that you can expect.


Metal roofs are available in many metal types:

The main benefit of metal roofing is the variety of options that you have to select from such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin and galvanized steel. You will find them in variety of finishes. colours and even shapes. This allows you to customise your roof as per the style, price and durability that you are looking to get. On the other hand most of the roofing materials do not offer so much variety such as asphalt offer only 15 to 20 colour options.

Metal roofs are long-lasting and durable:

When looking for a roofing option homeowners consider two main factors, Longevity and durability, so they never have to think about re-roofing again. Metal roofs are proven to last between 40 and 70 years but it totally depends on the material that you select to make your material from. This is far more longer lasting and durable option than traditional asphalt roofing that lasts only from 12 to 20 years. Metal cladding can also withstand the harsh weather conditions. Poor-quality installation can cause serious damage. Make sure you use a reliable and professional company for roof installation and roof repairs in Perth to avoid any major problem.

Metal roofs are eco-friendly:

Traditional asphalt shingles are a petroleum product that requires fossil fuels for its manufacturing, and they need replacement every 16 to 20 years, which means million pounds of old asphalt shingles end up in the landfills every year.

On the other hand metal roofs are more sustainable alternative. They are 100% recyclable and consists of at least 25% recycled materials.

Metal roofs are energy efficient:

Spending one time money on the installation of a metal roof is better than spending a huge amount in monthly cooling and heating costs. Metal roofs reflect the solar radiant heat, which can reduce your utility bill costs by as much as 25% during summer.


Metal roofs are pricey:

In spite of their advantages, there are few drawbacks to choosing a metal roof, and the first one is the initial cost of the investment. Many people drop the idea of buying a metal roof because it is more expensive than choosing reasonable options such as asphalt shingles. This makes sense if you have short-term interest in the property. If you are purchasing a roof for a building in which you have a long-term interest then it is worth to spend on a metal roof.

Metal roofs can be noisy:

During thunderstorm or heavy rainfall, metal roofs can be noisier than other types of roofing. If insulation is added in the attic spaces, this may increase the cost of installation but it will minimise the sound heard inside.

Note: When it comes to deciding on a new roof for your new or existing home, it is necessary to take the time to make the right decisions on the contractors, materials and installation.

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