just dough it

I LOVE me some sugar…in any form.  Chocolate. Cupcakes. Cookies. Like Buddy says on Elf, “If it has sugar in it, then yes!”  I think sugar is my kryptonite.  No. I know it is.  You see, I am on my way to a big weight loss this year.  We are talking 60 lbs.  Going crazy on my favorite sweets is not going to get me the results I want.  That is why I like when I can find companies that make eating sweets, just a little healthier.

Hampton Creek understands people like me…whose teeth are ALL sweet tooths. (sweet teeths? sweet tooths?  Oh you know what I mean!)  They produce products that are all natural, dairy-free, allergy friendly, cholesterol free, sustainable, affordable, and just plain ol’ delicious!!

Hampton Creek currently makes and sells two products; Just Mayo and Just Cookie Dough.  Both of these products help you eat healthier without giving up flavor.  “Good food should be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it.”

I received the Just Cookie Dough in Chocolate Chip to review.  I am a stinkin’ lucky duck!  This stuff is G.O.O.D.   FREAKIN’ GOOD!  I have had my fair share (and your share too probably) of cookie dough and cookies over my 30 years and Just Dough is among my absolute favorites.

Not only does the dough taste great but the cookies do too.  Wait!  Did you hear what I said?  The dough tastes great!  That is right!  You can EAT the dough!  Most cookie dough you shouldn’t eat because it contains raw eggs.  Not Just Cookie Dough.  It doesn’t contain eggs at all.  Did you know that 33 million American’s have egg allergies or sensitivities?  Well 33 millon, you can eat this!  Pregnant women, you too!!

Not only does it not contain eggs it is all natural…nothing artificial!!  It is affordable, healthier, and sustainable.  Eat the dough or bake into delicious cookies.  These are so amazing they were even featured in Oprah Magazine!!

The cookie Beckham is holding is just 100 calories!  I will tell you what!  This is just the right sweet treat for not a lot of calories.  Unlike other cookies you aren’t going to have to spend hours working off this splurge.

Just Cookie Dough is available in the following locations:

Limited Krogers – parts of AL, GA, SC, MI
Limited Whole Foods Markets – SoPac, PacNW
Costco San Diego
Central Market in TX

Just Cookie Dough is Real Mom approved!  (And then some!!)