Her furreal friend santas little helpers

My daughter has been asking for a kitty for months now. Every time she sees one, she asks when she can have one. My husband and I are not big cat fans. I grew up with lots of cats and I remember the fur always being all over my clothing and the couches. Somehow that made me bad on them. LOL

Look what showed up, just for her today.

Her own Furreal friends daisy plays with me kitty pet!

She adores here, she carries her around and takes care of her all day long. She even has her sleep on the bed with her at night.

She named her Kitty Kitty Come Here and insists that we call her that too!

She loves to tickle her with the feather and the kitten is very cute and purrs and plays with her.

Lots of giggles and grins with this little kitty.

She even let’s her little brother play with her kitty every once in a while.

The Furreal friends daisy plays with me kitty pet comes Real Mom Recommended this holiday season!

You can pick up this fun friend at your local retailer now.

She would make an awesome Christmas morning gift for any little one that ‘wants’ a kitty!!!