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Nursing is a double edged sword.  It build bonds, does wonders for your developing child, and saves your tons of money.  It also takes a lot of time and effort, makes your child depend on you at mealtime, and is physically demanding.  No matter what the pros and cons are there doesn’t need to be cons of your nursing cover.


Cover Me Ponchos was created by Mariah, a mother of two boys living in California.  After using a nursing apron and finding that it limited her to nursing clothes because it left he back exposed, she decided to find a solution.  She wanted something that provided full coverage, was lightweight, and was soft enough baby would want to cuddle it.  She invented the very functional, easy to use Cover Me Poncho.


Cover Me Ponchos is a more stylish, functional, and practical way to nurse.  Many call this the “new nursing cover”.  These ponchos cover the front and back of mom.  No more exposed back or side.  Just pull it over your head and you are ready to go.  Don’t worry about fussing with straps that need to be tightened or tied.  Quick and simple!

many ways

These ponchos are so versatile.  Use it on the go or at home.  Wear it as part of your outfit by dressing it up or wearing with jeans.  Use it for more than just a nursing cover!  Slip it over your car seat and protect baby from the wind, rain, and sunshine.  Wrap it around your neck as a scarf.  With so many choices of colors and patterns the Cover Me Ponchos offers you are sure to find a few that speak to you.

Cover Me Ponchos sent me the Cobalt Blue Nursing Poncho.  This is a fabulous color.  It is a great blue-green color…more blue than green.  Okay I am bad at describing colors so let me just show you!


Beautiful huh!?  The fabric is much more than color though.  It is super soft!  Made from a lightweight, breathable, jersey knit fabric, it has just enough stretch in it to cover both baby and yourself.  Both baby and mommy will be comfortable and not overheat.  I don’t know about other mommies but ever since having a baby I am still dealing with ever changing hormones.  I like the cuddly fabric and so does my son.


These ponchos come in two different sizes…regular and plus.  The only difference is the length, which gives more coverage. “The regular poncho measures approximately 30 inches wide by 27 inches long and has a 13″ head hole. The plus size measures approximately 30 inches wide by 30 inches long with a 13″ head hole.”  All the edges are finished.


I love that this can be folded or rolled up nice and little to fit in a purse, diaper bag, or tossed in the bottom of a stroller.  We are going to be headed to Disneyland in February and you better believe this is coming with me!

Cover Me Poncho retails for $25 for the regular and $27 for the plus.

Today Cover Me Poncho is giving TWO lucky readers one nursing poncho of their choice!

Cover Me Ponchos is Real Mom approved!


Crissa is a SAHM who loves working out, shopping, and watching reality TV shows. click here to find out more about our team.


  1. 3

    Camille says

    I totally see the appeal of these! I tried to make one once, but made it too small, so I felt like sausage. Instead of trying again, I’d so much rather just win this! I’d pick that pretty Floral Nursing Poncho. Thanks Crissa!

  2. 7

    Ruth t. says

    Many pretty colors & stylish patterns for a wonderful nursing cover! I would choose the Heather Grey for my daughter-in-law, KK.

  3. 8

    Gayathri says

    I love the Turquoise poncho, looks real dressy! I continue to nurse my 2 year old and might not shy from nursing in public if I had this poncho!

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