It’s all fun and games!

Both of my kiddos are now in school! Ava is in First Grade this year and Hollis just started Pre-School two days a week. I love the ages they are at and all they are learning. They are both like little sponges and every day they come home and share new things they’ve learned and new experiences they are having at school. As hard as it can be to let go a little bit it is so rewarding and fun to see them gain a little more independence and see the little people they are turning into. I was so excited to receive three educational games from Super Duper Publications so we can have some fun learning and practicing skills at home as well as school.

Super Duper® Publications makes fun, educational materials for kids. Our products include games, card decks, software, apps, books, tests and programs, and more! ~Super Duper® Publications

I was so excited with the game choices from Super Duper Publications and I couldn’t wait for our them to arrive so we could start playing! I chose three games: the Pirate Talk Board Game, Grammar Gumballs Board Game, and the Magnet Talk Match-Up Adventure Kit with Barrier. All of these games address different skills and are perfect for the age range of my children.

The first game we played was the Pirate Talk Board Game, which focuses on receptive and expressive language for children ages K-5 and up to 6 players. Hollis was immediately excited when he saw the little pirate game pieces and the gold coins. He loved moving his game piece around the different islands and it was definitely a great game for him specifically as it addresses language skills. I had him repeat sentences to earn his gold coins answer questions about the sentences. {Ex: Susie washed her dog with bubble bath. Question: Who washed the dog? Question: What did Susie wash the dog with?} This all seems so simple, but for young children it is such great practice and really makes them think. The Pirate Talk Board Game is easily adjusted to all age and ability levels. I was immediately impressed with the quality of this board game. The board and pieces are all sturdy and after several rounds of playing it is holding up great!

Our next game was the Magnet Talk Match-Up Adventures Kit with Barriers. Wow. There are so many possibilities with this one set it’s amazing. I really wasn’t expecting it to be as great as it is and was truly surprised in the most awesome way when we opened it. Included in the set are five different settings {10 total as there are two of each}with coordinating magnets {10 for each board}, dry erase marker, eraser, 34 page reproducible workbook and two sided barrier game stand. The game addresses tons of language and listening skills.The barrier game format is perfect for following directions, giving directions, storytelling, improving vocabulary, and a whole lot more! Hollis had a blast going camping, swimming through the ocean, and traveling to outer space while learning to listen and use language effectively. The first setting we played was the underwater setting and Hollis was so excited to play in the ocean. He loved the vibrant underwater scene and all the ocean animal magnets. We went through a series of instructions; Ex. Place the starfish below the diver. Place the seahorse above the treasure chest. Such a fun way to learn directional language, following directions and listening skills. He loved this  and was so proud of himself when the activity was complete. I know we will be playing these games a ton as, like most four year olds, we are always working on following directions 😉 .

The third game we received was the Grammar Gumballs Board Game, the perfect game for teaching and reinforcing basic grammar skills in young children {Pre-K – 3rd}. Of course, the kids loved the whole gumball machine format and that as they take turns and answer questions correctly, they get to take gumballs out of the machine. The kiddo with the most gumballs at the end of the game, wins! This game is so good for both Hollis and Ava. Just repeating correct sentence structure is great practice. We also practice using regular and past tense, which my two struggle with at times. It really is amazing how quickly a child can learn correct language when you focus on it and practice. This game also includes a CD-ROM with lessons and activities to extend learning. We haven’t used that component yet, but I know I will be, especially with Ava. I have been loving the time spent with my children playing their new games. It’s so great to see them learn a new concept or figure out the correct way to construct a sentence. As parents, we are our children’s greatest teachers. Take time to play with them and teach them. It does matter and will make such a difference in their lives.

Super Duper Publications is Real Mom Recommended!

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