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Peanut LOVES applesauce! We are huge fans of the fruit on the go packs. From in the car to a quick and mess free side for lunch, you can’t beat a pack of squeezable fruit. And from an early age, Peanut loved squeezing it himself and was super excited when he mastered taking off the lid. The only thing that I don’t love about them is how $$$ they are. The cheapest I found them was at one of the warehouse stores, and they were still a little under $1 a piece! That adds up fast! One night a couple months ago, my hubby was complaining commenting about how much they were and he said that someone should come out with a refillable one! Well, only a couple months later, his wish was granted! We were sent some refillable fruit packs from a great company called EZ Squeezees. These packs are great! They hold up to 6.5 oz. and have a super duper strong zipper on the side that is pretty much guaranteed never to come open unintended! The only thing that I would recommend is to measure out your stuff before it goes in. It was tricky for me to eyeball the right amount and without fail I usually overfill it and it poops out the  :-) They are bpa and phthalate free and are dishwasher and freezer safe.  Here are the simple steps required to use the EZ Squeezees!



1. The large, zippered side of the EZ Squeezees pouch opens the entire length of the pouch, allowing you to easily fill your pouch with homemade or store-bought food. The opposite-side of the pouch has a large gusset that allows the pouch to expand to hold even more goodness. To use: Simply open the zipper & expand the gusset, rest your EZ Squeezees standing up on the gusset-side and you have hands-free filling. 


2. Pinch along the zipper close. I know you are thinking, “Is this thing going to hold?”. The answer is “YES.” We designed EZ Squeezees with the strongest zipper we could find. We have personally never had a zipper open unintended and all of our customers have agreed that the zipper is strong and secure.


3. Probably the easiest step, simply hand it off. If your child is already eating from pureed food pouches, he or she will have no problem using EZ Squeezees. Unlike other manufactures, our spout is exactly where your child is used to it being- centered on top, not off to the side. We are confident there will be zero learning curve. 


4. Rinse your pouch. Many people will feel the need to place your EZ Squeezees pouch in the dishwasher (and you can!), but we think you will be pleasantly surprised that simply running hot water through your pouch will be enough. For stickier or dried leftover food, using a bottle brush can be helpful. The non-stick inner layer allows any left over food will simply rinse out through the spout.


5. REPEAT. (see step 1)


What a cinch! We are LOVING EZ Squeezees and I am beyond excited to use them when Bug is eating solid foods. And the fun doesn’t have to stop at applesauce. There are a whole lot of super scrumptious and healthy recipes on the website I am dying to try out! Oatmeal & Strawberry smoothie anyone? EZ Squeezees are available online.


Hollie got a chance to try these babies out with her kiddos. Here’s what she had to say:

We are a big fan of the store bought squeeze pouches. I buy them all the time for my kiddos. They especially love them for fruits such as applesauce. The only thing that I do not like is the price. Most of the time they are over a $1 per pouch. Yikes, that’s pretty pricey when I have three kids eating them daily. I was very happy when I received some samples of EZ Squeezees to try out first hand. We can now have the convenience of using a squeezable pouch and I can fill them myself. They are super easy to use and clean. Problem solved and money saved by one happy mama. Thanks EZ Squeezees!




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