Cozey In The Snow

Remember when I introduced you to Cozey7 and showed you how the TrailHopper was a must have for fall?  If you need a little refresher read my review here.

Back then Blake was just 9 weeks and it was too big for him.  Now he is a chunky 4 month old and it fits him.  It is still big…I mean my 2 year old can use it too…but it isn’t drowning him like before.  Today we had our first snow and a little of it stuck.  I am so excited to get Beckham out in the snow and having fun.  So we bundled him up in a coat, hat, gloves, and boots.  Blake was sporting his hat, coat, and TrailHopper.

Sure he looks a little like he is about to say “I can’t put my arms down” but you know what…he was warm!   The TrailHopper fit perfectly over his winter coat and warm clothes.  This will be great for the winter when I can just slip it on over his clothes and put him in the car seat.  It covers his feet , which is great now that he is in the ‘take-off-your-sock-and-lose-it’ stage.  His toes will stay warm in the car and in the stroller. 

Blake stayed warm and enjoyed the snow…all thanks to Cozey7’s TrailHopper.  Live in a no snow location?  No worries.  I am sure your place has chilly weather.  Let your child wear this over their clothes when you go hiking with them in the back pack.  Throw it over a bathing suit to keep them warm when the sunsets at the beach.  Have them wear it to the bonfire in the cool fall air.  There are so many times when your child will wear this!!

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