Who’s Your Favorite?


Can you believe December is almost here? I can't. Where did November go?!? While I am busy getting ready for the holidays, my little ones are getting ... [ Read More ]

Potty Training 101


I am going to be pushing potty training hard starting 2015.  Beckham can go potty in his little potty and always loves when he does, but he doens't ... [ Read More ]

A Hairy Experiment


One thing I love about being pregnant is how awesome my hair looks.  It is thick, shiny, and pretty stinkin' healthy.  One thing I hate about being ... [ Read More ]

Beauty Tips and Tricks


Being a busy mommy of 2, I find that I don't always have a lot of time for myself.  When I do have time for myself I have to make the most of it.  If ... [ Read More ]

Sing your heart out!


If you have children in your home, I am sure you have all the songs from Disney's Frozen memorized. Am I right?!? My daughter loves the music from ... [ Read More ]

Lookin’ Like a Rockstar


Hair is one of those things that can change your day.  If it is looking good, you want to strut your stuff on the town.  If it is looking not so good, ... [ Read More ]