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Secrets of the New Parents’ Club

When you are pregnant, you get a lot of advice, much of it unsolicited.  People want to tell you their experiences and have you learn from their mistakes.  Even complete strangers will go so far as to strike up…

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Baby Your Baby’s Skin with Organic Skin Care Products

Baby your Baby! Baby Your Baby’s Skin with Organic Skin Care Products Everybody is talking about organics these days, but more often than not they are referring to food. Did you know that organic products encompass skin care…

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9 Reasons 2010 is a Great Year to Have a Baby

It’s a new year and there are so many wonderful things to look forward to—especially your upcoming delivery.  Below:  a few good reasons to be happy 2010 is your baby’s birth year. Reason #9 When you are old…

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Pure Natural Organic Baby Products

Pure Natural Organic Baby Products Pure Natural Organic Baby Products One of the terms that is starting to catch on in the parenting community is organic baby products. Organic baby products focus on being created from natural materials and…

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Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

Fun expectant mama activities that won’t get you the wag of a finger. You’ve heard it all before: “Don’t go in hot tubs!”, “You really shouldn’t eat sushi.” “Sorry. No roller coasters for you.” You’re a capable and…

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