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blinglesMy kiddos love to craft! They could spend hours drawing, coloring, cutting, pasting; they are definitely craft junkies, especially Ava. She is into anything that involves creating something pretty. Blingles and Blingles Glimmer are a perfect fit for my crafty kids!

Blingles is the coolest way to create your own stunning gem designs you can stick to almost anything! Bling up your stationary, accessories, electronics and more! ~Blingles

Both of my kiddos were beyond excited about their Blingles and Blingles Glimmer by Moose Enterprises Pty Ltd. We were introduced to Blingles last year about this time when Christina Reviewed them and gave Ava her own pack last year at Halloween; she has been hooked ever since! We opened the Blingles “Bling it to life” first. Immediately both kids loved the carry case with key. What is it with kids and keys?? I have no idea, but they locked and unlocked, opened and closed, organized and blinglesreorganized so many times before they even started making Blingles. Of course, once Ava got rolling on the Blingles, then they started decorating their carrier. The designs are so cute and she loves placing the rhinestones on to create her own blingle sticker. I love that the kids are so comfortable with Blingles and can really do it independently. Ava can create a Blingle from start to finish all on her own. It allowed me to watch an entire Sunday football game, you know that was a treat!

The Blingles Glimmer was definitely an exciting new crafty adventure for us; glitter and rhinestones! The Blingles Glimmer includes an awesome tray to hold all the different glitter bowls, rollers, pen, and rhinestones. Hollis started working with the Blingles Glimmer and he definitely needed my help. He really loved rolling the glitter on the stickers and then adding the rhinestone at the end! You glimmer the stickers by section; peel off one section, roll on glitter. Peel off another section, roll on another color glitter and finish with a rhinestone! He even decorated his school folder with a few of his stickers; lightening bolts and rockets! The glitter can definitely make a mess, but it’s worth it; so much fun and the glittery stickers turn out so pretty!

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    Just waiting for them to be added in! Please check back in a bit!!! It’s a great giveaway!

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