Beautiful skin starts on the inside

For years I have firmly believed that skin issues like acne or eczema could be treated most effectively from inside the body out.  We’ve all probably been taught that the skin is an organ…….a very large one that covers your entire body……so why do we forget to treat it as such?!  Do you wear a hat to cover your skin or use sunscreen to avoid sun radiation on a daily basis?  Do you slather on chemical filled lotions or make-up?  To keep other organs in your body working properly, you might consider eating a healthy diet, avoiding toxins, and releasing stress, but have you ever thought that these positive choices could improve your skin’s health and beauty??  Although genetics play a part in good skin, anyone can achieve healthy skin by creating an environment inside the body that aids in proper waste elimination, nutrient distribution and pH balance.  I was beyond THRILLED to receive the 8-week Healthy Skin diet book by Karen Fischer from Robert Rose Publishing to help me in implementing my skincare beliefs.

Frankly, it’s frustrating to spend money on a dermatologist appointment to be prescribed expensive lotions that work only as long as you’re using them…..and with who knows what longterm effects of the chemicals used in those prescriptions.  My teenage daughter has been using acne products prescribed from the dermatologist for the last two years and recently I have had a feeling that we need to ween her off of them.  I’m by no means an expert to say there is any correlation, but it seems odd that more and more thyroid, cancer and other diseases are springing up in the population.  They could be related to anything I guess, but my heart is telling me to be aware of what we put on and in our body.  I would much rather make some lifestyle changes to my family’s diet to produce good skin and an overall healthier body.

Karen Fischer’s book was so enlightening.  In the 8-week Healthy Skin diet she tells about her battle with bad skin and her daughter’s eczema, which motivated her to become a nutritionist specializing in skin health.  Through research she developed a program/diet to improve eczema that would heal her daughter long term as well as many of her patients with eczema and many other conditions like acne, cellulite, dandruff, Psoriasis and Rosacea.  I don’t want to give too much away, because you’ll want to read this if your skin is a concern to you, but Karen has an 8 step approach to improving skin health that involves restoring pH levels in the body, moisturizing skin through good fat intake, eating less, sleeping well, sweating for 15 minutes a day, avoiding UV exposure, alleviating stress and using safe beauty products.  Improving my daughter’s and my pH level alone, has made amazing improvement to our skin.  By drinking a “green drink” with liquid chlorophyll each morning to remove acidity from her body, my daughter has experienced a significant decrease in pimples…..and I’ve noticed my hypoglycemia has been regulated when I drink it throughout the day.  Such a small change that made a big improvement for us.

I know you’re thinking, is this plan easy to follow?  Obviously, if you’re used to eating junk food and drinking soda, there will be a learning curve on the food intake end, but I found most recipes listed in the 14 day menu activity plan to be tasty.  I’ve really adapted to the foods the author recommends as essential to this diet like avocado.  But, the 8-week diet involves much more than eating.  I’ve also focused on moderate exercise, decreasing toxins by avoiding packaged foods and increasing my mental positivity.

Sometimes what is going on with the skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body.  Learn how to improve your body system and get the bonus of having lovely skin with the 8-week Healthy Skin diet.  Purchase this and other information filled fantastic books from Robert Rose.  REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!

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