Bathing baby better

Bathing baby can be a fun time, a sad time, or even a relaxing time.  Some babies love bath time and some scream the entire time.  As a parent I want to do my best to make tub time an experience that we all enjoy.  I want baby to like the water and be comfortable.  Selfishly I want to enjoy it and not dread it either.

PishPoshBaby sent me the Blooming Bath for Babies to review.  PishPoshBaby, founded by Julie, is a high-quality store that supplies the facts, advice, and the right choice to parents who are trying to figure out all the baby gear products.  They have Baby Gear Experts who are moms that have your best interest in mind.  “This personal, live experience comes along with the professional service, immediate shipping, up-to-date inventory, and the security of knowing that your purchase is backed by PishPoshBaby’s Satisfaction Guarantee.”

One of the products PishPoshBaby carries the the Blooming Bath for Babies.  This handmade, super soft, and oh so cuddly flower is meant to keep your baby safe and comfortable while bathing in any sink.  Available in yellow, blue, pink, or green the petals hug any sink, helping bath tub be more enjoyable…for everyone!  “It’s a unique, easy, hassle-free experience that allows you to enjoy those special moments bathing your infant.”

The Blooming Bath 32″ from tip to tip. The circle center is 10″ across.  It is 1 1/2″ thick.  The Blooming Bath is suitable for babies 0-1 year, depending on the size of your sink.  The petals are held up by the sides of your sink so depending on the size of your baby and the size of your sink depending on how long you would be able to use it safely.  It can even be used in traditional plastic tubs for added comfort.  “Once your baby outgrows the sink, it can be used as a fun, soft pad for the big tub!”

Blake is 7 months old and a pretty chubby baby and Blooming Bath still works for him.  He is even reclined in the sink.  I can easily sit him up and let him play in the shallow water while I wash his back.  It was so comfortable for him he didn’t even try to climb out.  He was nice and content!

When bath time is over just fold the petals over and push down to squeeze the water out.  It is also machine washable and dryer safe.  The Blooming Bath retails for $39.99.

Blooming Bath and PishPoshBaby are Real Mom approved!!
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