Day: February 1, 2019


Thinking about Hiring a DJ on your Big Day? Well, here’s what you need to Do!

A recently emerged trend for weddings that have come into the picture is the hiring of a wedding DJ. Gone are the days of hand-your-IPhone-to-uncle-Larry-and-plug-in-parties. It’s time to get an official Disk Jockey who is going to keep the crowd screaming and moving their hips to great music. And though the previous option of Uncle […]

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How to keep your horse and yourself warm this winter

As a horse owner, you must be well familiar with how harsh the winters can be for your horse. Blanketing and heating the barns are some of the most common measures taken to keep horses warm but overdoing it will only make the situation worse. From forage to shelter arrangements, everything needs to be set […]

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