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Heard You Coming! {Kool Rider Review}

Every kid’s (and most adults) head turns when they hear a noisy motorcycle coming down the street.  We all look and secretly wish we were sitting on the back of that “bike” hanging on for dear life while the wind blows in our hair.  Well, besides the big bucks, the dangers the come with the Harley, and the leather…we have the next best thing!  The Kool Rider is the coolest bike accessory EVER!!!

The Kool Rider is the greatest Bicycle accessory ever invented. The concept of putting baseball cards and playing cards in your bicycle spokes has been around since the early 1930′s.  Fast forward to 2011 and you get 2 best friends Howard and Troy who have known each other since childhood, and for the last 2 years, have worked to invent, create and master the greatest bicycle accessory ever. Unlike the baseball card novelty of creating a motor like sound with paper playing cards on the rear of the bicycle, the Kool Rider, with the help of DuPont who created this High Performance Polymer, and while placing the Kool Rider on the  front fork of your bicycle, gives you an actual Motorcycle type sound that we have all aspired to achieve. In salute to all of us who have attempted to create a motor like sound from our bicycle using such items as baseball cards, playing cards, balloons, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, popsicle sticks, etc., THE KOOL RIDER is here!!!

Kool Rider is super cool and sent us 2 of these awesome accessories.  Mia immediately claimed one, and the other one automatically went to Austin, since the only boy in the family should have the “motorcycle” bike. I was immediately impressed with the thick, heavy quality of the plastic.  I was nervous to see if this thing was going to work.  I didn’t want to put it on my little girls bike, have it get stuck in the spokes, and throw her off.  Didn’t happen!!  First thing, pick the sticker to decorate the Kool Rider. (You get 3 stickers with it) Next, wrap the sticky Velcro around the fork of the front tire. Last, pull the Kool Rider open and clip onto the fork. That’s it! It was all I could do it take my 30 seconds to install, and Mia was off and riding. When she goes slow, it is just kind of a tick, tick. But once you have some speed, this is full on Harley coming! I had to do a double take to make sure that loud motorcycle noise was really coming from the little pink bike with training wheels hauling down the street. As soon as Austin got home, we repeated the whole process. Austin has been glued to his bike since. Both kids LOVE the Kool Rider and the neighbors are always asking if they can take a turn on our bikes.  We all loved the cards in our tires when we were little, upgrade to the Kool Rider and let your kid be the Koolest on the block!  Real Mom and Neighborhood Kid Approved!

Make sure you go to the Kool Rider website and check out the video…gives you a great idea of how fun this really is!!


Erin is a mommy to 4 fab kiddos! She serves as their maid, cook, and taxi driver. She has been married to the “man of her dreams” for 11 years now. They love spending every free minute together enjoying activities such as camping, swimming, playing games and having movie night.
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This site receives free products and other forms of compensation for posting. See the Real Moms Real Views disclosure here.